Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them #115

Chapter 16 – Understanding and love (8)

Translator – Vodka

Last sub-chapter of the chapter. Short one.



In a narrow road devoid of any human presence, three silhouettes could be seen.

They stood facing each other. Their appearances seemed out of place.

“I can’t say it’s a very good hobby……following people from behind.”

“I also feel it is inexcusable. Just that, there was something I had to see today.”

The two exchanged words, their tones devoid of any emotion.

The third person stood uncomfortably next to them. It was none other than Yuuto Ogiwara.

They were clad in plain clothes, but unfortunately, their extraordinary appearances attracted attention. Nothing one could do about it.

Although it was still better than usual, Yuuto was internally covered in cold sweats at the thought of getting discovered by Minato.

Yuuto has had a taste of what it was like when the two girls were having a face-off, but he still felt his stomach hurt.

Their cold gazes and the chilly air around them must have had a hand in that.

“You seemed to have fun today.”

“Yes, thanks to Shinra-kun, the holiday wasn’t boring.”

Kirasaka flashed a provocative smile.

However, Shizuku didn’t respond to it.

She could guess the reason for their going out together on a holiday.

The same went for Yuuto.

Secretly following them from behind put a bad taste in his mouth. He didn’t want to be found out later and confront his friend’s displeased expression.

Hence, he had previously informed Minato about their tailing them.

“To think you wouldn’t stop her but instead accompany her on this was a bit unexpected.”

Kirasaka directed her gaze sideways towards Yuuto and spoke.

A bitter smile hung on his lips.

“I really feel bad about following the two of you……but it’s a fact that I too was curious about today……furthermore, I couldn’t let Kanzaki-san go by herself.” (Yuuto)

“That so?”

As always, Kirasaka gave him a short reply, her uninterested and cold attitude laid bare.

She looked at Yuuto for a moment but retracted her gaze immediately to look at Shizuku once more.

Silence pervaded in the air.


Kirasaka was the one to break the ice.

“I have said this before to Ogiwara-kun but I don’t want anyone to touch the thing I like.”

She brushed her hair backwards, folded her arms across her chest, and spoke.

Unlike only until a short while ago, there wasn’t even a hint of provocation in her words.

She had simply expressed her true feelings.

However, in light of the current circumstances, there was an alternative interpretation of her words in the minds of the other two, seeing as they were aware of the date that had gone down today.

The thing I like……

In other words, she was boldly asserting her claim over Minato Shinra as belonging to herself.

A sharp glint ran across Shizuku’s eyes. She glared at Kirasaka and spoke calmly.

“I too am not docile enough to take it lying down while someone tries to steal my important person.”

Her arms folded across her chest came undone as she too brushed her hair backwards, seemingly a little annoyed.

They readily each took a step forward. The distance between them reduced so much so that it seemed like their noses would end up touching any moment. Their gazes met head-on.

Their chests were already touching, but the girls seemed to not care as they continued with the staring bout.

“If your confession was supposed to act as a deterrent, I won’t mind if you looked upon this as a challenge.” (Kirasaka)

“Yes, that is the intention.” (Shizuku)

If this were a manga, this would be the scene where the two emanated dark auras and the manga author penned the word ‘menacing’ in the panel to describe the background.

Yuuto, who had the misfortune of ending up in such a difficult situation, muttered a few words of sympathy for his friend.

“Being liked by these two……my condolences Minato.”

The person in question wasn’t at the scene. He had no way of knowing about all these complicated developments that concerned himself.

He was, after all, absent from where it had all gone down.

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