Some drunken thoughts

I am finally leaving for Japan (hopefully), and this time my departure isn’t scheduled for the 1st of April. Thank god. Who in their right mind does that?

At any rate, I am sure you guys wanted more chapters. I too wanted to pump out one per week, but I can’t maintain that schedule. As it is, I am literally grasping at straws. It’s just that there is too much to handle, and I am not the fastest translator. So, I am hoping to continue like this.

Maybe, when I have settled a bit comfortably in place, I could go back to pumping out more, but that is for the contingent future. Until then, please bear with me and the schedule.

Welp, that’s all. It is a slow ride, but enjoy it if you can.

2 thoughts on “Some drunken thoughts”

  1. Take your time Vod, thanks for the chaps and looking forward to reading more at your pace! Enjoy Japan!

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