Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them #107

Chapter 15 – Rooftop and lunch break

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This takes place before the date with Kirasaka. One-chapter sequel.

The next chapter will be about the date.



With summer on the horizon, it wasn’t only the atmosphere in the school that was heating up due to all the excitement, but even the air temperature was on the rise. However, as usual, it was chilly where I was.

While leaning on the railing, I looked down on the school courtyard where several students were gathered, enjoying a seemingly elegant lunchtime.

I spotted Shizuku in the crowd.

She was at the centre of the female crowd, laughing and happily engaged in conversations with her peers. She would spare glances at her surroundings now and then.

Was she searching for someone?


Unusually today, I didn’t have Kaede’s homemade food. I was stuffing my cheeks with rice balls I bought from the convenience store when my eyes mysteriously met Shizuku’s who looked up.

What the……? Is she equipped with Minato-kun wide-area sensor or something?

Like in anime, when the sensor detects me, she goes, “This feeling! Minato-kun?”……As if.

She was fixedly staring at me. Upon realizing that I was on her radar, I lightly waved at her.

So as not be noticed by anyone, Shizuku lightly waved back with her hand in front of her chest.

Be that as it may, why is it I wonder.

What came to mind was the exchange I had with Kirasaka a few days ago.

Recently, I have become acquainted with a fragment of what was going on in her mind.

It wasn’t that I wanted to. Just that, now that I knew, I couldn’t ignore it.

It was strictly my personal opinion, but more often than not, hardly any good came out of expanding one’s relationship circles.

There was no doubt that it was better to keep them narrow and well-knit.

I couldn’t help but think that the amount of effort that one would have to put in to keep everyone they knew, company, was a waste.

That was why I made it a point to not associate with anyone other than long-time acquaintances.

In spite of having known that, she continued to associate herself with me. Was that her way of saying that she intended to continue doing so in the future as well?


But that doesn’t matter now.

It would have to be dealt with when the time came.

I didn’t have time to spare for stuff that I wasn’t very clear on.

The problem now was the forced event of a date that approached in only two days.

Once more, I cast my mind back to the flow of our conversation from a few days ago.

She had taken a liking to me because unlike the people around her, I didn’t give her the special treatment.

What did I not give her the special treatment?

That was easy.

I wasn’t levelheaded of a human enough to give people I didn’t know very well, the special treatment. That was all.

Would you normally give someone you didn’t know very well the special treatment just because they had good looks and grades?

I say no.

Ultimately, they were strangers and nothing else.

That was why I didn’t give her the special treatment.


Next up was the date.

It was the most important matter at the moment.

What’s the problem you say?

The problem was I couldn’t avoid it.

Refusing was a simple feat, but knowing Kirasaka, she would probably force me to accompany her.

Use of force.

What a terrifying girl!


While realizing how I have been sighing a lot these days, I let out a sigh once again.

“……But I don’t understand that reason either.”

I changed my posture by leaning against the railing with my back.

The sky I looked up at, was in sharp contrast to the state of my mind. It was so clear that it seemed to be mocking me.

I did not understand her reasoning for wanting to go on a date with me.

It didn’t seem like she harboured feelings for me. Would it be fine to take her words at face value?


After all, she was a beauty filled with mysteries. I couldn’t help but have my doubts.

Perhaps, all I could do now was try and figure out her intentions through her actions on the appointed day.


Halfway through the lunch break, the sound of the roof-door opening reverberated in the air.

The rusty door creaked.

When I looked at the direction of the door, Yuuto emerged from beyond.

“As expected, you were here, huh?”


His tone implied that he was looking for me. Did he need me for something?

Well, this guy was likely to come even if there were nothing in particular.

He walked up next to me and leaned against the railing with his back in a similar fashion.

“I heard. You are going on a date with Kirasaka-san this weekend.”

“As always, your acquisition of information is fast……”

Where did he hear it from?

I was surprised at the existence of this mysterious intelligence network. However, the next moment, I heard an unexpectedly familiar name.

“I heard it from Kanzaki-san. With a strained expression, she said, ‘I will lend Minato-kun for only one day’.”

“I am not her possession though, you know……”

What was this about lending?

Though, I could easily imagine her saying so. A bitter smile hung on my lips.

“But I think this is good, you know.”

The sentence lacked a subject. So, I asked.

“What is?” (MC)

I don’t see the good anywhere though?

At my question, Yuuto’s lips distorted to form a suggestive grin as he spoke.

“I am talking about your date with Kirasaka-san. If our classmates came to know about it, they will be jealous you know. Besides, you hardly go out. I think this is a good opportunity.”

“……Being envied isn’t necessarily a good thing.”

From my perspective, it would bring more trouble than good.

That was why I was feeling this depressed.

But what did he come here for again?

I wasn’t quite able to understand his reason for coming here, but right then, he finally started talking about the main subject.

“I too will be going out with Kanzaki-san on that day……I say that but we would only be tailing you really.”

“What you doing saying that out loud so boldly?”

That wouldn’t be tailing anymore.

Now that I knew, it would be as if they were accompanying us from behind.

“Kanzaki-san said she would go by herself, but I was insistent on accompanying her.”

“……Hmm, is that so?”

“She tried to hide it but her repulsion was apparent on her face”, said Yuuto, laughingly.

This guy too continued with his attempts to try and appeal to Shizuku.

He saw an unparalleled opportunity and decided to cash in on it.

It made no sense for him to tell me about his designs.

I guess he has his set of beliefs.

However, now that I knew that we were going to be followed, it wouldn’t be as mentally taxing. It was better to be aware than to be left wondering.

Upon seeing my reaction, Yuuto wore a serious expression.

“Because Kirasaka-san’s way of thinking is closer to yours, her expression seems to change a bit when she is with you.” (Yuuto)

“……What’s this suddenly?”

“No, forget it! I should return already. I shall have you entertain me during the date.”

“……That’s in bad taste.”

They say other people’s misfortune is as sweet as nectar.

It would definitely be fun to look on from the sidelines, huh.

There would be such cases where it had be more fun to watch from the sidelines than to be one of the parties to the date.

[TN – Well I guess he is saying something along the lines of when you are in the process of bombing a date, it tickles the latent schadenfreude in others or something.]

Yuuto laughed like a brat and departed from the rooftop.

Why did he come again?

I was, once again, alone on the rooftop, gazing absentmindedly at the sky while waiting for the bell that would signify the end of the lunch break to ring.

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