Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them #102

Chapter 14 – Feelings and answer (2)

Translator – Vodka

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Author –

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Shizuku suddenly charged over. She pulled my right arm as if to urge me on.

The uninformed attack threw me off and my body couldn’t react in a favourable manner, and I hit my temporal region in the glass window.

I broke away from my sitting posture, but I still managed to stand up. Then, Shizuku explained the reason for her actions.

“We will be watching movies in the audiovisual room for the next class, you know!”

“……Ah, they said something like that last week.”

Next up was the modern Japanese class.

Occasionally, we would watch movies during this class. It seemed to have nothing to do with watching movies, but it is what it is.

That was simply how our teacher rolled.

“Good works can not only be found in books but also in films”, was what he said.

Something along the lines of, “Movies help nurture a person’s ability to analyse and understand the content.”

From the students’ perspective, though, it equated to free time.

Irrespective of the reason, since all we had to do, was idly watch movies, this class was popular among the students.

“Let’s move fast to secure seats. It would be terrible if we couldn’t sit together, you know.”

“What would be terrible?……Your seat is probably already secured anyway.”

Her followers must have already reserved the tail-end seat of the middle row of the audiovisual room, the so-called VIP seat for her.

They wouldn’t make a mistake there.

I surveyed the classroom, but several students were already missing. That must be the reason.

It didn’t matter to me. I could sit anywhere.

The popular tail-end seats, the window-side seats, and the ones in the edges of the room were probably going to be occupied anyways. It was mostly just the seats next to the classmates’ who were alone even in the classroom, which were vacant.

I would say those were the best seats for enjoying the movie in silence.

I had rather sit there.

In the meanwhile, the number of students in the classroom had started decreasing.

The fact that I couldn’t catch sight of Yuuto must be because, just like in Shizuku’s case, the students who wanted to sit near him, must have taken him along to secure seats.

In essence, the seats are for all, but in reality, they are not.

That sounded like a proverb.

“……Let’s put off our conversation for now. Shall we get moving too?”

Kirasaka got up from her seat and proposed so.

She showed no signs of making eye contact with Shizuku. It was as if she didn’t exist.

“Ara? Kirasaka-san was here too?……I am gonna say this now, but I will be the one to set next to Minato-kun.”

“In that case, there won’t be any problems if I just sit on the other side, right?……Be that as it may, you were here, huh? I lacked too much interest, so I didn’t notice.”

“Haah……shall we go?”

Sparks flew everywhere. They hurled poisonous words at each other, locking horns as usual.

My stomach was churning, but it could just be my imagination.

I grabbed the teaching materials and the writing tools, and the three of us started walking towards the third building where the audiovisual room was located.


Upon reaching the third building, which was mostly inhabited by the third-year students, we could immediately spot the audiovisual room.

As we opened the door, what came into our view was a somewhat dim classroom. The curtains had been pulled because we were going to watch a movie. Many students were already in their seats.

As one would expect, the popular seats were occupied.

Yuuto sat surrounded by our classmates. It was as if he had been fortified.

The boys were on the right, and the girls were on the left.

The two groups sat in a neatly demarcated fashion as if there was a boundary line separating them.

“Kanzaki-san! There is a seat here!”

“Eh……no, I”

When Shizuku followed me into the classroom, a female student called out to her.

As far as the “seat” was concerned, it was obviously the one next to Yuuto’s.

A supposedly “empty” seat up for grabs, but it didn’t take a genius to figure out that the seat was reserved for her.

Looking at how Yuuto’s followers didn’t say anything about the arrangement, it would seem that they had come to an understanding regarding that.

However, Shizuku wanted to sit with us.

Seeing Shizuku standing at the door perplexed, I issued a few words.

“……If you have to force yourself to sit according to others’ wishes, it should be fine to choose for yourself.”

“Fufu, such a clumsy person you are……You could have just honestly said, ‘It’s fine to refuse, you know’.” (Kirasaka)

Kirasaka interpreted my words with a bitter smile on her face.

Could you not do that, please?

That made me sound like a tsundere male from god knows where. My embarrassment doubled.

Shizuku, who was looking at Kirasaka and me in front of her, gave us a small nod and went to talk to her classmates.


A short while after, a voice laden with surprise resonated inside the classroom. That must have been Shizuku turning down the classmate’s offer.

We randomly found a place for three people to sit. Having ensconced myself in a chair, I turned to look at Yuuto’s direction.

Shizuku bowed her head several times to apologize, to which Yuuto put on a kind smile and said something.


“Sorry to have kept you waiting!”

“……It’s fine for you to be here?”


Shizuku trotted up to me and assumed the chair on my right.

Kirasaka was on my left.

This is……flower in both hands?

No, rose in both hands is what this is.

[TN – Although rose is also a flower, it symbolizes prickly beauty. You only admire it from far. Unlike, “flower in both hands”, which is a Japanese proverb referring to a man being between two women. So, saying it’s rose adds an element of danger.]

I did think that the gazes of the male students would concentrate on me, but there was nothing I could do about it.

After all, I was sitting between two astoundingly popular girls.

This class is going to be uncomfortable.

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