Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them#101

Chapter 14 – Feelings and answer (1)

Translator – Vodka

New chapter starts.



Sat on the usual seat in the corner of the room, another day commenced.

With summer vacation knocking at the door, Sakuranogaoka school too embarked on the new schedule of shortened routine. Basically, the school session was shortened to fit in a smaller time frame.

The cooler by the window was yet to start operating.

They had already started using the cooler in the staff room, but rule mandated that the coolers in the classrooms couldn’t be used yet.

Should I complain about this to the president today……?

Hot winds blew into the classroom through the window and turned over the pages of the textbook.

Kirasaka’s hair fluttered under its influence.

Yesterday, I met Kirasaka’s dad.

He had a sober demeanour and gave off a strict impression.

He was always honest with his feelings. Most importantly, I thought he was a good dad who thought about the well-being of his daughter.

As usual, Kirasaka was reading a difficult-looking novel instead of paying attention to the class in session. Her figure overlapped with the girl from the photograph.

……As expected, it was hard to believe that they were the same person.

How should I say this?

The Kirasaka now was adorned with thorns. She had this cool aura.

She had an imposing air about her.

There was some childishness left in her photograph, but I had a feeling that she had a gentler expression on her face back then.

Although, because of how the photograph was taken and considering how I didn’t recognize her in the photo until the president told me, I couldn’t assert my deduction. Even now, I only had a sidelong view of her to work with on the comparison.

Having seemingly noticed my gaze on her, she turned to look at me.

“What is it I wonder? Is there something you don’t understand?”

She glanced at the question on the blackboard and asked.

“No……just something.”

I later realized that it sounded vague.

All the more had I contributed to her budding suspicion.

“Even if you stare at me that hard, nobody else is gonna be popping up, you know.”

“So, like what? You are be gonna popping up?……”

What is this about popping up? Where did that come from?

A grin hung from the corner of her lips. She was the same as always.

No, I was the only one who remained the same.

[TN – I have no clue as to what this is about remaining the same. Just go along with it for now.]

Several things had happened over the course of these last few days.

Like recollecting the distant past, I have been reminiscing about the school entrance ceremony from a year ago, a lot.

Even if it were me, I would have remembered if I talked to someone like her.

Even when I delved into my memories, I couldn’t find anything.

Should I inquire her about this today? Maybe also ask Shizuku and Yuuto about it……

While I was having such thoughts, the bell rang throughout the school, informing us of the end of the class.

The students abruptly stood up when the teacher prepared to leave the classroom.

Then, they gathered in their respective groups and engaged in enthusiastic conversations.

I leaned against the backrest of the chair and let out a sigh.

“That reminds me, Shinra-kun’s work experience venue is a hotel managed by my dad’s company, isn’t it?”

“……If I knew that beforehand, I could have mentally prepared.”

Well, I had a feeling that it wouldn’t have mattered. Even if I did have that information, I wouldn’t know how to act any differently under the circumstances.

There was no point in grumbling about something that has passed.

We exchanged words without making eye contact.

It was the same as always. That was how we held our conversations.


“……Kirasaka, you had long hair at the time of school entrance, didn’t you?”

It was an innocent question, devoid of any hidden meanings.

“……Even though I have short hair now, I am still a girl you know? I too had a time when I had long hair.”

For a moment there, her eyes seemed to widen, but it could have been just my imagination.

Then, she curiously asked.

“Why……does Shinra-kun know about that?”

“No well, a while ago, we were sorting out documents at the student council……at that time, I found a photo.”

“I-is that so?……By the way, where is that photo now——?”


Kirasaka was in the middle of saying something. However, before she could finish, I received a powerful impact from the side.

I had been unconsciously resting my chin in my hands, but the sudden impact did a number on me.

Didn’t my temporal region just hit the window glass?

[TN – Temporal region is the horizontal part of the brain]

I turned to look at Shizuku questioningly, who had charged over like a fighting bull.

In so doing, I caught a glimpse of Kirasaka’s face. She had a frighteningly cold expression.

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