Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them #94

Chapter 12 – Preparation and malaise (6)

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Since class was still in session, the rooftop was quiet and comfortable.

It went without saying that, unlike the lunch break when there would be many students, we were the only people here, now.

With Kirasaka leading the way, instead of heading for where the president was, as we should have been, we were on the rooftop of the annex building. We killed time, with our backs against the handrail.

Besides, even if we were in different school years, classes across the school were conducted at the same time. So, the president was in class now.

To have not noticed that, I couldn’t help but think that the teacher must have been really shaken up. After all, Kirasaka rarely spoke.


Right now, I couldn’t feel a speck of the hustle and bustle that was characteristic of a school. The only sound that reached my ears was the sound of the wind blowing.

“I asked Shinra-kun to come. I didn’t ask for you though?”

“Please do not let it bother you. I am merely observing……besides, dragging Shinra-kun out in the middle of class is a clear indicator of lack of common sense.”


Did you forget that you too had lied to the teacher?

With a sidelong glance, I spectated their exchange in silence as my gaze fell upon the school courtyard.

Was this a coincidence? No physical education classes were being held right now.

Wind coursed through the courtyard devoid of any presence. The lush green trees swung while the leaves danced.

You would think that you would get tired of watching the same scenery over and over again. However, now that I was looking at this scenery before me, at this not-so-usual time, it felt good for some reason.

Just that, I was skipping class to bathe in the wind on the rooftop…….



“At any rate, because of this group activity, I have to talk with people I don’t know. I hate it.”

Kirasaka pulled up her hair and spoke gloomily.

Her hair, which was on the shorter side for a girl, but sufficiently long when compared to that of a boy’s, shone under the influence of the reflected sun rays.

“You aren’t talking with them much……earlier, you refused to exchange contacts too.”

I only stated facts.

Looking at it objectively, the only time she took spoke was when the matter of exchanging contacts came up earlier.

Could you help me figure out the exact time stamps for when you talked? The thought of that discovery sounds rather intriguing.

She narrowed her eyes, seemingly somewhat offended by my words. Then, with her slender white finger, she proceeded to explain her claims in detail.

“First, when they greeted me, then, when the female student talked to me. Then, when they asked for my contact address……”

“You haven’t talked at all, have you?!”

Thank you for the strong comeback.

Shizuku had issued an immediate reply. Kirasaka maintained her calm and spoke.

“Could you not compare me with the likes of you? Every day, you just go on talking and talking, with anyone and everyone……besides, I think he has it worse?”

“Don’t direct it at me……”

She pointed her white hand at my direction, and looked at me, a teasing smile plastered on her face.

Not that I could pull off a retort or anything.

Even if I did take part in some conversation, it was mostly about Yuuto.

The kinds of conversations I generally took part in was a tad bit different from the ones that Kirasaka had to.

People didn’t have any interest in the person named Shinra Minato. They had struck up conversations because they wanted to establish a relationship with the popular personages around me.

If you looked at it like that, you would understand how pitiful of a character I was.

It was because they were trying to establish a point of contact with Yuuto, Shizuku, or Kirasaka through me. That was the only reason for their initiating a conversation with me.

However, the same could be said for me. I didn’t exchange any greetings with them. I didn’t desire to get to know them on any level, and it applied to the members in my group too.

At any rate, I would probably ever only interact with them during this event.

We lived differently.

They went about their student lives with boisterous exultation. In stark contrast to that, I wanted to spend my days quietly. We neither had any common grounds nor should our personalities have anything in common.

For only a little while, I had observed them, exchanged a few words, and arrived at the thought that it was going to be hard to get along with them. The result couldn’t be more in line with expectation.

There was nothing good about having to participate in pointless dialogues with people I didn’t get along with. It was mentally taxing.

As expected, there is no need to associate with others more than what is defined by necessity.

I was having such twisted thoughts.

“Minato-kun is fine. To begin with, he doesn’t have many friends to talk to even in the classroom.”

“Oi…… be a little considerate towards me, will you?”

Didn’t that sound like quite the childish excuse there?

However, since it was the truth, it hit worse, and since it came from my childhood friend, it sounded exceedingly persuasive.

It didn’t look like Kirasaka was going to stand up for me either.

She exhaled, and then, with cold eyes, proceeded to speak.

“Getting this hyped up over a mere school event……what is so fun about that?”

One could gather from her voice that she was really tired of having to deal with all these.


I shared her opinion.

We were going to be spending a single day in a different environment. Was it worth all that hype?

Was it the thrill of visiting an unknown place, or, did they hold some sort of expectation about their futures from this event?

Other kinds of feelings could also be whirling inside them.

If you were to probe me for an answer, I would have to disappoint you, since I had no clue whatsoever.

I could only furnish my personal point of view.

“The air in the place makes people feel that way……in reality, there were only a few students who were truly enjoying this event.”

Everyone had a complaint or two.

Perhaps, those who were able to go to the workplace they wanted to, with their desired partners, were the only ones who were enjoying this event in the truest sense.

However, students nowadays specialized in matching their rhythm to that of the others around them, to fit in. In all likelihood, they were concealing their feelings and putting on an exuberant facade.

So, if one student didn’t read the mood, and made apparent his dissatisfaction, the others around him wouldn’t be able to help but feel uncomfortable.

That was why, I too put up with this charade, pretending to have fun like the others.

Not only did this apply to human relationships, but it was also the correct stance to assume when you were dealing with schoolwork.

There were not many students like Kirasaka, who had no qualms about breaking away from the herd mentality and wearing their feelings on their faces.

“The event this time is hard for people such as Kirasaka and me. That’s for sure.”

If you took it too seriously, the others were going to make fun of you and pull your leg, saying that you were being too serious. On the contrary, if you didn’t participate at all, you were going to be reprimanded for not cooperating.

When you looked at it from the perspective of someone who was used to operating by himself, or in a small group, cooperation was a nuisance.

That being the case, wasn’t it best to do it my way? After all, Kirasaka was way too uncooperative, and Shizuku was way too earnest. Neither had the balance.

“It’s going to be an ordeal……”

Murmured Kirasaka. Her voice carried different kinds of emotions. When I heard her remark, a chill ran down my spine.

It wasn’t a feeling of discomfort or fear.

Just that, I could somehow discern that Kirasaka really disliked the event that laid in store for us. Like, the intensity was off the charts.

With that, I arrived at an answer.

“We should return already……if we are too late, they could suspect things?”

“That’s true……”

At Shizuku’s words, I noticed that more time had elapsed than I had thought.

The class was going to be over soon.

I reluctantly parted with the quiet rooftop.

Certainly, this school event that required students, to participate in groups, might be unpleasant for those who habitually operated in solitude.

However, it was probably the most unpleasant for students like Shizuku, Kirasaka, and Yuuto, whose popularity attracted others to gather in droves around them.

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