Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them #88

Chapter 11 – Proposals and compromises (7)

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The usual spectacle could be seen inside the classroom.

Yuuto was happily chatting with the boys, while the girls had gathered around Shizuku.

Kirasaka was in her seat, reading a book. A few classmates were looking at her silently, so as not to get found out.

The same old, everyday scenery.

However, thinking about how this peaceful spectacle could be a front put on by our classmates for keeping each other in check, deluded me into looking upon this situation as a psychological war, somewhat worth witnessing.

Underneath those smiles, they must have been overflowing with lava-like boiling greed.

Forming a group with Yuuto and the others was just that important for them.

It was a type of status.

It was like possessing a luxury-brand purse even though you were only a high school student.

……No wait. This somewhat came off as extremely rude towards them.

They could boast about how they were friends with an extremely good-looking guy, although, in reality, they were not even that close, and the only connection was that they belonged to the same school.

Ya, sounds about right.

While spectating my classmates going about their usual human interactions, I removed the bag from my shoulder and sat on my chair.

Kirasaka looked at my direction for only a moment. She retracted her gaze immediately thereafter.

The pages that were bring turned over did not have Japanese, but English characters printed on them.

What is with her? Is she reading a foreign novel or something?

You are way too conscious. Are you an American?

[TN – I am not sure what the author means by “conscious”, it’s vague]

Wait, before that, you can really read that, huh.

I couldn’t even finish that one fairy-tale book from elementary school, and apparently, it was written in easy English even. That was the level of my English proficiency.

Unexpectedly, what had won over my attention was not her, but the book in her hand. Then, I noticed a movement from the corner of my eye.

After Yuuto confirmed that I had entered the classroom, he nonchalantly said a few words to the people he had been talking to and bade them farewell. Then, he walked up to me.

The students were directing sharp gazes at me. It would seem that it wasn’t just my imagination.

“Morning, Minato!”


We exchanged a few words of greetings.

As expected, no one could perceive from his expression that something was up.

Just that, his eyes were conveying his designs of wanting to talk about the matter from yesterday.


I glanced towards the corridor to convey that we should change places.

Having understood my intention, he went towards the corridor.

Now, this is a long-standing friendship, wouldn’t you say?

To be able to perceive the intention of the other party, even without requiring them to say it to you expressly, was proof.

I put away my bag, fetched a document that I had prepared just in case, and stood up. I asked Kirasaka.

“I will be talking about the matter from yesterday……what will you do?”

“I am fine. Please let me know the results later.”

There wasn’t the slightest of change in her tone or line of sight, as if to say she didn’t have any interest in the matter.


Shizuku, who was in the middle of the classroom, was glancing repeatedly at my direction. However, she didn’t move from her position.  It would seem that she had decided that it would better for me to talk with Yuuto first.


“……Got it.”

I turned on my heels and left the classroom.

Up ahead, Yuuto was leaning against the wall and waiting.

“They won’t be coming?”


There were several other students in the corridor, but he was the only one who could pull off that pose.

What the? Is this what you call ‘Adonis-correction’?

[TN – now see guys, pretty sure this is a colloquial word, I just made up the phrase ‘Adonis-correction’. Basically, he is trying to say that if a guy is handsome, by default, he is already in the good books of people (applies to girls specifically), and people just correct his image in their minds, even if he is, in reality, complete trash. Please suggest if you guys know the correct expression for this]

I tried to assume the same posture. The conclusion was disastrous. It was as if a lizard was pitted against a dinosaur. It just didn’t feel the same.

I will never try it ever again. I will only get hurt.


I leant against the window frame with my elbow and looked outside. As I was thinking about how to break the ice, Yuuto broached the topic.

“Regarding yesterday’s matter, I am going to have to refrain.”

As expected.

Personally speaking, I think it is better to let this matter rest here.

It was best not to get overly involved and try and come up with some measure if he brought up the topic in the future.

However, according to the president’s words, this had to be done to avoid the various trifling squabbles we were going to be faced with if we didn’t nip this issue in the bud.

“……You know the ‘work experience’ program will soon be underway for us second-years, right?”

“Aa, now that you mention it, you did say that the groups are going to formed soon, didn’t you?”

Yuuto made a strange expression.

Well, that is to be expected. It was as if I had strayed away from the topic.

“This matter, in the first place, is due to the grouping issue……”


Towards his question, I concisely conveyed the situation surrounding the issue – the teachers letting on the information about the grouping to their students, the majority of the requesters being second-years, and the possible motive behind making such requests.

Yuuto quietly listened to my explanation until the end. Then, he let out a sigh.

“In that case, there won’t be any problems if we paired up, Minato.”

“……Give me a break.”

I had thought about that too.

However, that only solved Yuuto’s problems. The girls did not have a solution yet.

There was also the possibility of them forming a group with either Yuuto or me.

That was why, to keep that option open, and to decrease the risk of this operation, I needed Yuuto to agree to not entertain people requesting for his presence, even if only temporarily.

“Either that or I could pair up with Kanzaki-san.”

“……I don’t think Shizuku will agree to that.”

He was as if saying, “I won’t give up”.

It was because I could somewhat sense his true feelings from his eyes.

This unparalleled chance not only applied to the students, but also to Yuuto.

Deep down, he might have been waiting for a good opportunity like this.

“……Just saying. I understand. Until the groups have been decided, I will put off with it.”

Yuuto put on a smile. He waved his hands as if to say that it was a joke and looked the other way.


He put on a smile. He waved his hands as if to say that it was a joke and looked the other way.

Before departing, he muttered in a volume only could hear.

“Minato……I am not that good with giving up.”

“……I know that.”

At this school, I was the one who, although reluctant, understood the person named Yuuto Ogiwara, the most.

I knew about him being bad at giving up too.


Although it didn’t show on his face, this guy certainly did possess a pride.

That was why it would be troublesome to have him as an opponent.

I looked at his departing back. Then, I brought out a piece of paper I hadn’t shown to him.

“This wasn’t required, huh……”

On the piece of paper, there was a table titled “Last year’s participating companies”. From within the list, the companies from last year, who were going to be participating this year as well, could be identified due to the markers that had been put against them.

Amongst those companies, there were also those that accepted only one applicant. Moreover, the list had been prepared, after taking into consideration, the respective personalities of Yuuto, Shizuku and Kirasaka. It went on to enumerate the types of occupation they might like.

Albeit temporary, but since Yuuto had unexpectedly accepted the proposal, this paper was no longer needed.

I crumpled the paper that had just lost its value and shoved it inside my pocket.


It was rare for me to be acting for not myself, but others.

Until now, I had hardly partaken in activities for the sake of others.

However, if I was asked if I held strong feelings towards those people, could I honestly give it a nod?……

Deep down, I wanted to avoid getting involved with the people around me anymore. I might have unconsciously given myself the reason that I had to do this because it was a student council activity.


I wished for a peaceful life.

Uneventful, repetitious ordinary days.


That was the only thing I wished for in my life that had changed ever so much.

This was the first event after I joined the student council.

Things were not looking good. I knew it best that it was not going to end peacefully.

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    1. Forgot to add “They could boast about how they were friends with an extremely good-looking guy” – who would actually boast about something like this?

      1. Oh boy girls would do that, maybe even some boys. Lemme state u some reasons

        For girls it would mean that they were friends with whose considered to be the most handsome guy of the school. Many want to be that guy’s friend as a first step in order to ask him out to date with. Of course, others who take interest of him would be jealous that the person boasting would be able to as they were not able yo do so.

        For boys, girls would be charmed on the most handsome guy. Of course they would flock to him, some boys may use this chance to pursue some of the girls that approach him. This sort of thing.

        Trust me, this soooo applies into real life too.

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