Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them #84

Chapter 11 – Proposals and compromises (3)

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The school devoid of students was quiet.

The footsteps of a single person resonating in the hallway even gave off the illusion that nobody else was in the world.

The only person in the world……

These words tickled the sensibilities of a high school boy a little.

I was playing the character of the cool solitary guy, all alone by himself in the world. Man, it was a tremendous feeling.

It would surely be perfect if I put my hands in my pockets and walked with a hunched back.

However, unfortunate it was that I didn’t have the time. The classroom was in front of me.

I pulled open the sliding door. The sliding functionality on it had deteriorated over the long years of usage. As I entered the classroom, I saw three students seated on their respective seats, illuminated by only the sunlight.

Kirasaka was by the window, Shizuku was in the middle, and Yuuto was near Shizuku.

Kirasaka had a book in one hand. Shizuku was probably going about today’s homework, and Yuuto was looking at those two.

It wasn’t as if I was conveniently able to have all the three of them here, together like this.

Kirasaka was in the library, and Yuuto was playing football.

It would seem that Shizuku was working on the homework all along.

However, when I was talking with her over the phone, I felt like I heard Kirasaka’s voice……let’s pretend that it was only my imagination.


“I am last?……I am sorry to have suddenly called you guys.”

I suddenly called out.

I didn’t sit down on my seat. Instead, I stood behind the teacher’s desk.

I put my hands on the desk and let out a breath.

“It’s quite rare for Minato to have something to talk about. Is it a student council job?”

Yuuto raised the most natural question.

Shizuku and Kirasaka too looked at my direction.


Well then, how should I start?

The very notion of somebody else like me, talking about how popular they were, was strange.

Being on the receiving end of that kind of talk, they too shouldn’t be in a good mood either.

Depending on how I said it, the impression of the student council would considerably change.

My usual way of speaking was such that there was even the possibility of the listener thinking that they were being spoken to, in a commanding tone.


Since I will be talking on behalf of the student council here, I ought to be careful.

“……Well, it’ true that this a student council job.”

Rather than saying it myself, since they were the people concerned, there shouldn’t be any problem if I showed it to them.

I brought out the student council document from inside of the bag. It was the piece of paper that contained the anonymously written requests of the students.

As I showed it to them, Shizuku tilted her head to the side and asked.

“What is that?”

“Anonymously written requests sent to the student council.”

I passed the paper to Yuuto, seated the closest to the teacher’s table.

He looked over it wordlessly. A strained expression could be seen on his face, but it lasted for no more than a moment. Then, he handed it over to Shizuku.

“This kind of request……Kirasaka-san, do you want to see it too?”

“No, thank you. I more or less know what to expect.”

Without looking away from the book in her hand even once, Kirasaka replied.

Just from hearing the word “requests”, she was able to perceive the content of the document.

I couldn’t help but think, “As expected of Kirasaka.”


She really does know what is written on it, doesn’t she?

“So, then? What came out of the student council discussion?”

“……To decide on a date and time.”

“Is that so?……A reasonable plan, huh.”

Kirasaka issued a flat response, as though she wasn’t interested.

She placed the bookmark on the page she finished reading, closed the book and stood up.

“Well then, does that mean we are done for today? There is nothing else to talk about, right?”

“Wait a minute! At the very least, we should discuss this among ourselves——”

“Why I wonder?”

Kirasaka cut Shizuku off and asked this in return, in a cold voice……no, a voice that made it impossible to discern the emotion of the speaker.

It sounded like she couldn’t comprehend the further need for any discussion.


I had already predicted this.

If it’s Kirasaka, even if I brought up this matter, if she didn’t find it amusing, she wouldn’t demonstrate any interest in it either.

For some reason, even fun things didn’t seem interesting to her.

[TN – help again, can someone tell me what you can make out of this sentence, 彼女にとっては楽しい対象でも、何やら面白そうなイベントではないからだ。]

“But……that would cause us a considerable amount of problems……”

“There shouldn’t be any problems, though?”

Kirasaka let out a breath and sat down on her chair one more time. Her expression couldn’t conceal the hassle this situation has brought forth on her.

She put her hand on her cheek and said this in an admonishing manner.

“This is their problem, not ours. At the very least, do we need to change something ourselves?”

“……True that.”

She was right.

No matter how many students had submitted this request to the student council, this wasn’t their problem.

They didn’t need to discuss this. They could just could about their usual lives, without changing anything.

It is because I knew these people in the classroom, that I had been able to gather them like this and carry out this discussion. Otherwise, the student council probably would have had, even without any discussion, treated this matter as a joke and pulled the lid on it.

The female student named Kirasaka Ren didn’t have any interest in this matter. Neither was she looking for a solution.

Apart from the student she had taken a liking to, she was equally disinterested in every other student.

That was why there was no need for any discussion. She would simply reject any confession. She wouldn’t join any group.

Why? Because she didn’t feel the need to.


Even if she was called out, she would simply choose not to comply. No matter what anyone might have to say, she didn’t need to listen to someone she wasn’t interested in.

And that was how she came to be known as “The Ice Queen”.


In the first place, her thought process regarding this issue was different from that of Yuuto or Shizuku’s.

Two people who felt not a small amount of guilt, and another one who felt nothing.

The latter might sound bad, but from my perspective, I thought her attitude was the normal reaction.

This was why, at the student council meeting earlier today, I couldn’t agree to the proposal of imposing those selfish obligations upon these three.

It was because, somewhere in my head, I knew that it was going to be like this.

“This is, until the bitter end, the plan that the student council had come up with. Mine is different.”

I said with clear emphasis that I had a different plan.

It was so that they would understand that this was not an idea that I supported.

“Minato thinks differently?”

“Aa……I am opposed to the student council’s plan……even if I say that, since I am now a part of the student council, it would be correct to say that we have two plans.”

From his perspective, I was also a student council officer.

Only saying that I was opposed to the student council’s plan would result in an erroneous explanation.

Therefore, as someone who was part of the same student council, it would be correct to explain that the student council had two plans.

Without a change in her posture, Shizuku awaited my words. Kirasaka too was looking at my direction.

Compared to before, she is showing some interest. At least, let’s think like that.

From here on out, it was important to explain the merits and demerits of the plan I was going to be proposing.

I would have to be careful while answering every one of their questions.

I formed a quadrilateral with my hands and said this.

“It is fine if we built boxes, right?”

“Boxes?” (in unison)

“That’s right, boxes.”

The incomprehensibility of what I was saying was painted on the faces of the three before me. Their expressions told it all. Then, I indifferently proceeded to explain my designs.

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