No chapter this week

I forgot to mention, but no chapter tomorrow.

All sorts of stuff are strangulating me. Need some space.

Well, my mom is back from the hospital, so that is all well and good.

Translating was the last thing on my mind this week.

I know it is disappointing for you guys, but sorry fellows, none this week.

Please understand that I am under immense pressure right now. I feel bad for not being able to pump out the chapter tomorrow. Sorry!

5 thoughts on “No chapter this week”

    1. nope did not get a chance, I really need to get down to it, don’t I? either I am busy, or I am lazy. damn this vicious cycle.

  1. Just caught up with this series again.

    Thanks for the chapters, and glad to hear your mom is okay!

    頑張って you got this man

  2. I also just caught up with this series and first of all I would like to thank you for dedication. Secondly, I hope you get a co translator to help you. I hope you will continue to translate this novle to its completeion.

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