Sober thoughts

So, ya it happened. I am going to Japan. For two years. And I am gonna be hella busy. So, the current state of things cannot be maintained.

I would be departing in April. So, things are gonna become hectic starting March. I don’t really know what kind of schedule I will be able to maintain, but here are my thoughts.

I will try squeezing out two chapters in a month, one every two weeks. The best-case scenario is being able to maintain the current schedule, but I have very little confidence in that. The worst-case scenario is releasing one chapter a month. Well, I won’t stop translating it, but it’s like gonna become super slow for you guys.

So, if anybody would like to help me out, that would be cool. They don’t need to worry about setting up domains and all the complications that come along with it. Since I am paying for this domain anyways, they can just take part in the translation work.

So, ya I am hoping to find a co-translator for this novel.

Well, to the bitter end, it’s just my hope. I mean, I did pick it up after a year of break, so we can just hope.

So, if someone is interested, could you send me a mail to [email protected]

All so that the readers can continue reading this novel (faster).

7 thoughts on “Sober thoughts”

  1. 2 chapters a month at best and 1 at worst? I’m perfectly fine with that tbh so hope everything turns out well for you. 🙂

  2. Wow, a winner…is you! It seems all that vodka did the trick?!
    So nice…. I’ve taken a couple vacations there but that’s it.

    As a casual reader, it’s good enough that this won’t be dropped. Perhaps status update a month into the stay would be helpful to readjust your own, & readers, expectations rather than wavering between expectations & real life. Especially if new things pop up when you’re finally there for the long haul.

    Hopefully you’re able to find a co-translator. And that they don’t vanish as with that editor?
    Hope dies last!


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