Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them #79

Chapter 10 – A piece of memory (4)

Translator – Vodka



Someone noticed Shizuku and ran up to her while squealing happily. Another student noticed Kirasaka and stopped in their tracks, evidently captivated by her.

As expected, even Minato-kun couldn’t conceal his surprise.

……Towards his stealth abilities.

For sure, he couldn’t be seen even from the sky……it was a joke, though.


Anyways, enough of that. Since we went to the same school, it went without saying that the paths we had to take were also the same.

We had to cross the residential area, advance through the shopping district to reach the final slope. From there, we had to go uphill, to get to the school.

On both sides of the road, were fields. Our school route was an extremely well-ventilated one.

There was nothing to obstruct the strong winds from having an unhindered passage. Our hair would flutter under its influence.

Incidentally, the skirts of the female students would also flutter quite a bit.

This place was famous for providing strong stimuli to high school boys, in their puberty.


I was wondering if the winds were able to make their move onto Kirasaka’s skirt and lift it up. Just to be sure, I took a look at her, but it would seem that I didn’t have to worry about that.

No, well, I was really worried.

If her undergarments were to be seen in the presence of so many, it would be a serious affair, hm.

“Did you want to see it?”

“No……that is unthinkable”


Kirasaka held the hem of her skirt between her fingers and looked at me with a grin.

Her skin, so white that it seemed not to know what a sunburn was, could shake the hearts of the male students.

If she knew that, I wished that she would stop playing with her skirt so happily.


Kirasaka seemed to have suddenly gotten into a good mood since she started humming. She triumphantly walked up the slope.

She started taking longer strides, her line of sight directed to the front.

At a distance in front of us, several students were standing in front of the school main gate.

Since they were standing in front of the main gate, it was probably the president and the guys from the student council.

It was the daily routine of greeting everyone at the school gate, carried out under the initiative of the president.


It was indeed part of the student council activities, but it was rather exceptional of the president to be carrying it out regularly.

It seemed like an important activity to get closer to the students.


Koizumi, the next presidential candidate, was also there, greeting the students.

I couldn’t say if this activity had something to do with the student council elections, but as far as the general students were concerned, they looked at the student council elections as some kind of a popularity contest.

They didn’t care much about the likes of campaign promises or motives of the candidates behind announcing their candidacies.

They did, however, make sure to remember the points that were convenient for themselves……what a truly convenient memory.



I closely observed Koizumi, greeting the students with dedication, but it must have been tough, standing next to the soon-to-be ex-student council president, Hiiragi Akane.

It was going to be hard for a student other than Shizuku, Kirasaka or Yuuto, to be filling in those shoes.

It was praiseworthy that he had decided to run for president, even though he was aware of this reality.

I could never do that.

To begin with, I was probably not going to be even on the student council next year.

I wondered if I would have to help him on his election campaign one of these days.

I was having such thoughts while looking at them. With every passing second, they were getting closer.



“Good morning, you guys. Today, the three of you are coming to school together, I see”

We had just finished climbing up the slope when the president made a slight bow and greeted us with a smile on her face, the same way she greeted every other student.


“Good morning, Akane-san. I am gonna say this now, but I have reserved him exclusively, ok?”

“That’s quite the coincidence……”

Like one of her possessions, she forcefully grabbed the sleeve of my shirt and pulled it towards herself, to which the president smiled.

Since the president said “three”, it would seem that she could sense that Shizuku, who was trailing a little behind us now, was with us until a while ago.

Amidst the growing number of students approaching the gate, I had no intention of engaging in a long talk with her. I didn’t have anything in particular, that I wanted to talk about either.

I greeted Koizumi and continued on my path. As I was about to move past the two of them, Koizumi called out to me and said this.

“Ahh, M-Minato-kun! Please come to the student council room as soon as possible after class today”


Towards my sneaky conversational prowess that was incapable of even making clear, the distance that I wanted to keep with the people around me, unexpectedly, even the president had put on a bitter smile.

……I’m not good at dealing with people because of the evils of the long years I have not interacted with people much.

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