Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them #73

Chapter 9 – Change (5)

Translator – Vodka

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“We will end today’s class here. Since the tests are near, do not forget to revise at home……this time, there will be many hard questions, you know”

When the familiar bell rang through the school speaker, the math teacher closed his textbook and conveyed us so.

He distorted his lips. He had an amused expression on his face.

Why was it that teachers took delight in doing stuff that students hated?


What should I do?……

If I didn’t study math seriously, I could very well be procuring a failing mark.


“So he says. I am looking forward to the midterms”

Said Kirasaka. She was elated even in this kind of situation.

It would seem that the worst kind of words that could be said to a student did not affect her.

She had a composed smile on her face. Was it the composure of a victor?

The syllabus had been written down at the edge of the blackboard.

I wrote it down in large characters in my copy and then, I put away the study materials inside the desk.

As if having confirmed my done with taking the notes, Shizuku, who was sat in the anterior part of the classroom, suddenly stood up.

She briskly closed in on the distance between us. When she appeared in front of us, she kept her hands on Kirasaka’s desk and cast her a glare.


“The two of you seemed to be having a lot of fun chatting, huh”

“Oi oi, it sounded like, “What are you happily chatting for without me, you bastard?”, to me……”

“I didn’t say that though?”

Don’t tilt your head adorably.

It would become scarier that way.

That smiling face of hers that had been directed at me, created an eerie atmosphere, not to mention, that it had made me feel more fear.

“Is there something wrong with talking to your neighbour during class?”

“In the first place, it’s wrong to talk to anybody while class is in session……”

Although she said that, it was rarer to find students who would be silently listening to the teacher.

Even now, there weren’t a few students who were operating their cell phones under the desk.

There have been times when I too, had done so.

When I received a mail from Kaede……when I received from Kaede.

Unlike my fellow classmates who were sat in my vicinity, I wasn’t engrossed in some mobile app. The only thing I would be doing was to access any communication from my younger sister.

Recently, I had been looking at the latest news or searching up stuff that had suddenly caught my interest, but I didn’t play games.

It wasn’t because most games these days, were multiplayer.

It wasn’t because it was too hard for a single player to advance in those games, or that, every time, the player would end up failing if they tried to solo.

Definitely not.

If I didn’t like it, then so be it.

“Do you understand? Since you sit next to him, there are a few things that I could permit. However, please refrain from excessive contact”

“That’s up to me. I don’t need you to tell me about what I could do and what I couldn’t”

“No! Since the situation is like this, I would say this——”

“In that case, I too would say something——”

Their volumes gradually increased, as they started to garner the attention of our classmates.

The two girls, who didn’t notice that, closed in on each other’s faces, so much so that it seemed like their faces would collide. A fierce battle of words had unfolded.


I was sure that most of the students in the classroom couldn’t comprehend what it was that they were fighting over.

It was because the subject had shifted gears from duking it out over our “whispering” during the class to a full-on display of their dissatisfaction towards each other as they talked about the time, they visited my house.

Shizuku complained about stuff like how Kirasaka was too close when she was sitting next to me, or how she would be excessively giving out food to me from herself……

In conclusion, she expressed her dissatisfaction at Kirasaka calling my mom ‘Okaa-sama’. Her reason was that even she hadn’t called her that yet.

What nonsensical stuff was she saying?


“You sure have it tough, huh. Being caught up in their crossfire”

“Don’t talk like it is other people’s problems. You too were a part of all of this, until the other day”

I said this to Yuuto, who was standing behind me with his hands inside his pockets.

Did this guy like getting behind people?

There wasn’t a deeper meaning to it, but I was just stating the facts.

Even until just a while back, Yuuto too would be associating with the two girls.

Although it had only been for a short while, by maintaining a distance, it felt like he was pretty detached from all these.

I didn’t intend on talking about what he felt in his heart, or what his feelings were.

It was just an intuition.

It was almost like talking to a relative whom I had met after a long time.

“I too want to associate with them, you know”


He must have issued those words out of consideration for Shizuku and me.

No, only Shizuku I guess……

I wouldn’t make irresponsible remarks like, “If so, it’s fine to just do that”.

That would be bad for both him and Shizuku.


I did understand that it was not a matter will settle itself.

We needed some kind of an initiative……for the three of us to able to walk together like before.

Was there a change in my relationship with Shizuku? Or was it the relationship between Yuuto and Shizuku that had changed?

However, time was essential too.

The relationship with Yuuto wasn’t the only problem that had to be solved.

I knew best that I didn’t excel at handling multiple affairs at the same time.

So, I would have to take care of all these, one by one.

First comes the test. Then, the stupid stuff about the marriage interview. This matter will have to wait for after that.

“Minato, do you want to go out for dinner?”

“……It isn’t bad once in while”

Even then, he was someone I had known since middle school. Whether I liked it or not, it was true that, for me, he was the only one who I felt like was different from the other students.


“You guys are quite close, huh……” (Kirasaka)

“What?” (MC)

Normally, I behaved like I wasn’t listening. However, I didn’t miss out on what was being said to me. However, this time, I didn’t catch on to what Kirasaka said.

I was preoccupied with all kinds of thoughts.

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