Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them #69

Chapter 9 – Change (1)

Translator – Vodka

A new chapter starts.

In this chapter, the author is switching from third-person narration to Kirasaka’s narration in a heartbeat. Such an ordeal, this is. I don’t know any good ways of going about this switch.



I had always been bad at talking.

I hated crowds, so, I would often be reading books, alone in the classroom.

No matter where it was, people’s gazes would always concentrate on those who didn’t join any group and remained alone.

It was the same everywhere; whether it was at school, or just society at large.

Whether at school, or just society at large, it was the same everywhere.

I, who had only peacefully been spending my time, had naturally started to garner the attention of people around me.

Pure curiosity.

Why doesn’t she join our group?

Baseless sneers.

She didn’t have any friends before this.

That was why, unlike us, she couldn’t even join a group.

There were many students who thought like that and laughed.


However, there was never an end to students who looked at her.


There were opportunities to talk to other students, but the male students would act fidgety around me, whereas the female students would exercise caution while talking to me.

At first, I wondered why I was receiving this kind of reaction, but soon, I could gather the reason.

I had a good appearance among the students who commuted to elementary school and middle school.

In addition to that, the fact that my parents were rich, too had an effect.

My parents were praiseworthy people. I had no second thoughts about that, because, if not, they couldn’t have succeeded to such an extent in only one generation and make the company into the big deal it was today.

My father said this.

“I was frantically working round the clock, giving my best at work. Then suddenly, one day, I noticed that I had already saved up money. The number of my subordinates had also increased”

Everything was thanks to my father’s efforts.

So, I simply had the fortune to be blessed with such parents. I wasn’t special or anything.

However, the title of ‘The young princess of a Conglomerate’ had sufficiently demonstrated its effect of hastening the process of my isolation in the class.

The boys would direct gazes filled with affection at me. On the other hand, I had become the target of envy of the girls.

People hated it when they came across someone who, even if only a little bit, possessed something different from the people around them.

Hence, I too did not engage in any unnecessary conversations.

I didn’t feel the need to.

If someone truly wanted to talk to me, they would simply do so and not care about my appearance or designation……

It would be fine even if it wasn’t a handsome prince-like character.

A person who would treat me normally……

With that thought, middle school had come to an end……


She was always alone. Even when someone tried talking to her, she would direct a cold gaze at that student.

Unable to bear the intensity of that gaze, that student would give up on conversing with her, and leave her alone……and repeat.

She exhibited the same behaviour every time someone tried to strike up a conversation with her.

Unnoticed, she had come to be known as “The Ice Queen”.


Just that, even at her high school, there wasn’t a person who would give her the normal treatment. Nothing had changed. She was still ‘The young princess of a Conglomerate’, and people still approached her because they were charmed by her looks.


……I was having such thoughts during the school entrance ceremony.

Even when we were at the ceremony, I could feel the gazes of people on me. At that point, I had already gotten used to it.

It was as if they were looking at a branded product.

Curiosity? Jealousy? Or, was it just casual interest?

Even then, the basic concept hadn’t changed.

Nothing changed the fact that, even in high school, the boys would be looking at me with gazes filled with affection, while the girls eyed me with looks tinted with envy.


However, that day.

After I met him, there was a little bit of a change in my emotions.


Since the day of the school ceremony, some time had passed.

Then one day, I came across a boy during lunch break.

He was sat by himself on the courtyard bench and talking to a cat. That was when things had started to change.



The gears of fate had started to move.

Kirasaka Ren arc, start!

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