Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them Extra edition

Extra edition – An Unholiday holiday

Translator – Vodka

Hello people, I am back. I hope you are doing well. Well, I am not. My workload is not decreasing anytime soon, but whatever, that applies to everybody. Anyways, now, I can scavenge for some time, here and there.

I started translating this chapter yesterday but didn’t have much time to finish it. So, sorry for the delay.

We have an extra edition chapter here. Well, basically a side story, I guess.

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Author –

I am sorry that this chapter is not a continuation of the original story.

I will try and update the original story soon.

Today, I am posting a short story. You may treat it as an extra edition.

I would be happy if you give it a read.



Early morning on a holiday.

As usual, I was lying on the sofa and watching the TV. Kaede trotted to close in on me and said this.

“Nii-san, can we go shopping a little further today?”

“……Further? Weren’t we going to shop for dinner only?”

“Yes, well, I have other things that I want to buy as well……”

As if to deceive me, the sound of her voice decreased gradually.

While feeling that something was off, I agreed to her request. With this, the breakfast at Shinra house had commenced.


Since then, two hours had passed. It was before the clock had struck twelve. I was waiting at the entrance of our house for Kaede, who was now in the middle of her preparations for going out. The sound of the intercom reverberated around the house.

“Nii-san, can you get the door?”

“Got it”

I had casually thought that it would be someone selling newspaper subscriptions. So, I didn’t confirm who our visitor was on the security monitor and opened the door to the entrance……and I regretted not confirming.

“Good morning, Shinra-kun”

“Good morning, Minato-kun!”

“……Thank you for your hard work. Take care”


Two girls were standing before me. Their black hair glittered with the reflected light of the sun.

One of them put on a broad smile on her face, which shone resplendently. It was like a scene out of a manga.

The other one was slightly taller than your average woman, and she had cold pupils. She stood stock still, wearing a smile.


It was Shizuku and Kirasaka.

It looked like they had planned this visit as they have made their appearance at our house just before our departure. They firmly caught the door as I was trying to close it, and they weren’t loosening their grip.

On the contrary, it was me who lost to their strength, and the door was forced open.

“That is terrible, Minato-kun! Even if it’s Kirasaka-san, you shouldn’t close the door on her face the moment you see her!”

“That’s right Shinra-kun. Even if your mood became worse after seeing Kanzaki-san’s face, you should talk to her a little bit more. Otherwise, isn’t it pitiful?”


You start fighting the moment you come here, is it……

No, it seemed like it had started before they came here.

Maybe they couldn’t see it but, I could see that they were stepping on each other’s feet.

I mean I could hear sharp crackling sounds sometimes, sounds like that of hitting a hard place.

“……What are you doing like kids?”

I saw them being like that, and gave up on trying to expel them as I invited them in. The two girls glared at each other once, and then entered the house.

“Welcome, Shizuku-san! Kirasaka-san!”

From behind me, Kaede came running over. She happily called out to the two girls.

She had already changed into her dress for going out.

The two girls shared their greetings, after which, their conversation, which couldn’t have seemed any lesser like a conversation, came to an end with just that. They exited the house with no other words to offer to each other.

“Eh? What the……? We are all going?”

I so didn’t want to.

After all, these guys were definitely going to fight at the destination.

Today, we didn’t have the lady killer character, Yuuto, who could mediate their fights. Hence, naturally, that role would end up devolving upon me.


“It will be all right. Today, we have promised not to fight”

“That’s right. Today, we have decided not to trouble Minato-kun”

“You say that, but until just now, weren’t the two of you quarrelling with each other in front me?”

When I asked the two of them about what happened to no fighting, they unnaturally looked away from me. I directed my cold gaze at them.

They couldn’t be trusted.

No, normally, it was ok to trust them. However, when these two girls got together, nothing good came out of it.

My steps were heavy. Kaede dragged me out of the house against my will. Like that, we had departed for our destination. We walked next to each other, down the road of the residential area.

“……You are going to be buying clothes, right? You don’t need me anyways”

“I want to know what Minato-kun likes”

“That’s right. If you weren’t coming, there is no way I would be coming down to someplace she was at, right?”

Really, what the heck happened to no fighting……

Kaede was happily looking at our exchanges. She seemed to have gotten used to this kind of situation.

I asked for her help, but she shook her head horizontally and rejected me.


“Well then, let’s go Shinra-kun”

“Ah! Please let go, Kirasaka-san! Let’s go, Minato-kun”

Kirasaka held on to my right hand, whereas Shizuku held on to my left. The three of us walked with our hands interlinked.

People around us were concentrating their gazes on us. Whether kids, people from my generation or office goers, they were all staring at our direction, especially the male crowd. As if these girls didn’t attract enough attention by themselves, now they had made me a part of it.

“……Hey, let go” (MC)




“Y, you are a popular one, Nii-san”

Kaede put her hands around my waist. Barring the front, now I had three beautiful girls on all my sides. With this, a dream-like situation for every man on earth was complete.

However, my heart was palpitating for a different reason.

“Let go……” (Shizuku)

“You too, let go” (Kirasaka)

“The two of you are sticking way too closely to Nii-san, aren’t you?


What’s with this fighting?

Even Kaede, who had been maintaining her spectator status until now, had joined in on the conversation. Was it because the girls went too far this time? Kaede did have a smile on her face, but her voice seemed to contain a feeling of wrath somewhere.

I am happy that you love your brother, but I feel a little bit of pain. Am I imagining things?


“It hurts……no well, it seriously hurts, so let go”

Was it because they were too busy glaring at each other, that they had been unconsciously putting in more strength? As the strength in their hands gradually increased, I started to feel pain.

My wishes were not granted, and the strength in their hands was on a constant rise. So, I had unconsciously said this,

“I get it! I will go anywhere you guys want me to, so, let go……”

“Is that so? In that case, fine” (Kirasaka)

“In that case, shall we get going?” (Shizuku)

“Yes. After all, if we didn’t make it in time for the train, it would be horrible” (Kaede)


The three girls let go of me and proceeded to act nonchalant. Everything that had happened until now seemed like a lie.

When I saw that, I realized. They had put on a performance.

“That was in bad taste……you guys”

Even Kaede had conspired with them.

Was it after all, Shizuku and Kirasaka’s influence?



I could only let out a sigh. The three girls put on smiling faces and said to me,

“Well then, let’s go”

“Let’s go fast, Minato-kun”

“We will leave you behind, you know, Nii-san”

Their voices were filled with happiness.

Today was going to be several times more tiring than usual, huh?

That was how my unholiday holiday started.






“……is what I dreamt of”

“Well, that’s a dream alright……there is no way that something like that would happen”

The moment I showed my face in the school, Yuuto came up to me and gave me a reality check.

No matter what, there was no way that a scene like that which could only be said to have been out of an anime, would ever happen in real life.



……Just to be on the safer side of things, for the next couple of days, even if Kaede did request me to go out for something, let’s not comply.

“Minato-kun, are you free this weekend?”

“Shinra-kun, do you have some time this weekend?”

“I do not”



No way I was leaving my house.

If I said I wasn’t leaving, then I wasn’t leaving.

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  1. This one : The two of you are sticking way too closely to Nii-san, aren’t you?

    Seems to be missing quotation marks.

    Really liking this series so far. A pretty fresh take on the Childhood Friend Love Triangle (for me). Hope you don’t burn out, I hear vodka goes up in flames easy.

  2. So, like, is Yuuto now completely being ignored? He’s pretty much a background character/mob, that has minor influence on the rest of the story, now…

    P.S. RIP Minato’s d in the future…

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