Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them Side Story #4.2

Their respective holidays II – Shizuku’s holiday (2)

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I underestimated this chapter……was longer than the average for this novel. Ended up taking more time. I am posting this chapter without giving it a read post-translation since I am going out of town. I am literally posting this like two hours before my flight. Will give it a read after I come back. Anyways, stay hydrated with Vodka and enjoy.


Author –

This chapter talks about the events that followed her confession.



Ever since I was born, this was the first time I confessed to someone.

Before I went to him, I had decided on what to say to him and practised several times beforehand. I shouldn’t have had any problems.

However, when I was actually before him, the words that I had to say had disappeared from my head. I couldn’t talk in the manner I would have liked to.

My palpitation became worse due to nervousness, and the sound of my heartbeat reverberated in my ears.

Even then, I was somehow able to convey my feelings.

From Minato-kun’s perspective, it might have been a troublesome affair.

Before I entered the park, I had heard about Minato-kun’s state of mind. Honestly, I was lost then. I wondered if I should convey my feelings.

I thought that It would be a bother.

Even then, the fact that I confessed like this means that I wanted to do something that showed that I was different from my past self.

That was why I wasn’t regretting it.




“Wh-what kind of face should I make when I meet him next time……?”

It was already morning, but I was still in my futon. I laid on top of it, completely wrapped in a blanket like a snail.

Now when I thought about it, I felt like I had said a whole lot of embarrassing stuff non-stop.

Stuff like how I loved him the most in the world, or how I was the only one who had been looking at him for a  long time……

There wasn’t any falsehood in what I had said. However, wasn’t it a bit too heavy?

Feelings of anxiety and a dim hope kept whirling inside of my heart yesterday. I didn’t even have the time to fall asleep, and then, just like I mentioned before, I couldn’t get out of my futon even though the time to go to school was drawing nearer every minute.

“Shizuku? Get up already!”

“Eh? Y-yes!”

My mother called out to me from downstairs. Her voice reverberated around the house.

Both my parents were at home today, taking a day off. They had received a compensatory holiday today for having worked on their day off a few days ago.

When I looked at the time on the bedside clock, I sprang up in dismay and ran out of the room.

“I, I need to hurry!”

I washed my face in the bathroom, brushed my teeth and simply confirmed if there was a case of bed hair in the mirror. Then, I rushed into the living room.

I caught sight of my father reading the morning newspaper and my mother washing the dishes. It would seem that they have already had their breakfast.

“Good morning Shizuku, you’re late today?”

“I ended up sleeping in a bit”

As one would have expected, even if it were my parents, I couldn’t talk to them about my confession to Minato-kun. It was embarrassing.

Even if there was a possibility that they knew that I have liked him for a long time.

“It’s ok to stay up late sometimes, but if you don’t do it in moderation, your skin will become rough, and Minato-kun won’t like you, you know?” (Shizuku’s mom)

“I, I know that!”

Hm……it would seem she had a rough idea as to why I had stayed up late at night, and now it would seem that she had decided to tease me. A smile hung on her lips. While feeling a little frustrated at her being like that, I quickly changed into my school uniform.

My mother looked at me in confusion.

“What’re you doing? You don’t have school today, right?”

“Eh?……Ah, that is right!”

Even though today wasn’t a weekend, it was still a holiday at school.

It was because today was the anniversary of the founding of our school.

However, since today was a weekday and all, I had completely forgotten about it.

Since I had confessed to Minato-kun just yesterday, I was still tensed, thinking I had to meet him at school. A sense of relief spread over me as I sat down in my seat.

“Anyways, quickly have your breakfast. I am already washing the dishes

“Haai, thank you for the food”

[TN – “Haai” as in “Hai” as in “yes”, spoken in a jovial kind of sense. Sounds so much better in Japanese]

I put my hands together to pray. Then I moved my hand to carry the well-done toast to my mouth.



“Come to think about it, a little while ago, Kaede-chan came by, you know”

“Kaede-chan did?”

Why did she have to come so early in the morning, I wonder?

Perhaps, did it have something to do anything with what happened yesterday? Maybe, she has already come to know about it, and she had something she wanted to say to me about yesterday?

I was in cold sweat as I waited for further information. My mother spoke of the contents of the conversation in a nonchalant manner.

“It would seem she wouldn’t be returning home from school today and stay over at her friend’s place. So, she was asking if she could leave it to you to take care of Minato-kun’s dinner?”


Was this a coincidence?

Or was it something she had requested after she came to know about the confession?

I did put on a smile, but I was definitely cramping.

My mother titled her head and looked at my direction curiously.

“Is it inconvenient somehow? Have your dinner too when you go over, ok?”

“No……got it”

However, when I thought about it, this was a rarest of rare chance.

Recently, there would always be a woman haunting Minato-kun. This was an opportunity to be alone with him. There wouldn’t be many chances like this.

I quickly finished my meal. I changed into my outdoor clothes and exited the house.

My destination was obviously the shopping district.

On the way, I sent a message to Kaede-chan, asking her what they had for dinner last night.

If tonight’s meal overlapped with that of last night’s, then there was a possibility of my favourability going down.

This time alone, I couldn’t fail.

En route to the shopping district, I kept thinking about what to make tonight. Then, a reply came from Kaede-chan.

“Grilled fish and miso soup……and salad, is it?”

Quiet the harsh menu for a high school student.

Kaede-chan had always been cooking it healthy for Minato-kun. I could only feel admiration for her.

I decided to make Karaage today since Minato-kun loved eating it. I replied to Kaede-chan with a thanks.

[TN – “Karaage” is deep-fried food, puts me in a mood to have a few myself]

Come to think of it, Kaede-chan could have informed me directly about today’s matter. She had my phone number and all.

“Oh, Shizuku-chan! Shopping today?”

The uncle from the fish store called out to me in a loud voice and approached me.

“Yes, Kaede-chan asked me to take care of Minato-kun’s dinner. So, I am shopping for that”

“Oh, you are like a lover!”

“Lover you say……it isn’t like that yet!”

Towards those words, I had unconsciously raised the corners of my mouth.

We weren’t lovers yet but being mistaken and told that I was Minato-kun’s girlfriend only made me happy.

It was because I would like to be his girlfriend, if possible.

I wrapped up the conversation with the uncle from the fish shop and entered the supermarket. I quickly started putting all the cooking ingredients in the shopping basket.

The uncle from the fish shop did say that I looked like a lover, but now, I was feeling like I was the wife who was out shopping for her husband’s dinner.

Naturally, my heart became warm. Today’s shopping felt several times more fun than usual.

“I will have to make it absolutely delicious!”

I carried the shopping bag and walked the way back home. I shifted my attention to the scenery of the town.

This town was classified as the countryside, so there weren’t many institutions for entertainment here. However, I loved this place since I had many fond memories of Minato-kun and Kaede-chan here.

I indulged in nostalgic memories from the past as I traversed the short distance back home.



“I will be off then!”

“Hai, hai, best of luck”

My mother saw me off at the entrance. I checked myself in the mirror several times to confirm that there was nothing wrong with my appearance. Then I exited my house.

ETA to the destination = 10 seconds.

It wasn’t a distance I needed to be seen off for, but my mother seemed to have perceived my nervousness, so she was happily looking at my direction from the entrance.


I took several deep breaths and rang the bell.

From the inside, I could hear light footsteps walking down the corridor. Next moment, the gate to the entrance was opened.

“……Shizuku, is it? Sorry for the inconvenience”

Minato-kun was in his indoor clothes. He wore an apologetic expression.

“Don’t mind it, it is for Minato-kun after all”

[TN – man, she is owning it right now, I would say]

He kept looking away from me more than usual, which went on to show that even he was bewildered by the course of events that had unfolded yesterday.

Even if only a little, the fact that my confession got Minato-kun thinking about me made me happy for some reason. My nervousness from before seemed like a lie, as it disappeared in thin air.

“I will make you the best meal!”

I decided to stop with the distracting thoughts.

This short while of happiness today, I will enjoy to my heart’s content.

I continued after Minato-kun and entered the Shinra house.




Author –

With this, the story of Shizuku’s holiday comes to an end.

Next chapter, a new story.

I hope you guys have enjoyed the story thus far, even if a little bit.

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