Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them Side Story #4.1

Their respective holidays II – Shizuku’s holiday (1)

Translator – Vodka

Delay in posting because of site issues.

We have two chapters dedicated to Shizuku’s holiday. After that, we will return to the main story. Just a heads up, the first three side stories are at zettaidame’s site, under “Their Respective Holidays” arc.

Author –

Albeit, the title of the chapter is “Shizuku’s holiday”, however in the first chapter, I have written about Shizuku’s state of mind when she is in school.

It talks about a casual lunch break event at school before they went to the amusement park.

In the next chapter, I will write about the background of her confession, that is to say, about her holiday.



– Shizuku’s POV –

During the lunch break on a certain day.

It was when I was having my bento with the other female students in the classroom.

“Kanzaki-san is really lucky! You have a handsome partner like Ogiwara-kun”

Suddenly, one female student started the conversation like that.

“I know right?”

“Do you guys go out on holidays together?”

As if the to ride the wave, two other students hurled the same question at me.

These kind of questions or conversations were nothing new.

As usual, I returned the same answer.

“I am not going out with Ogiwara-kun, so……”

Ogiwara Yuuto and I were just friends.

I had gotten acquainted with him during middle school. He was a friend who went to the same school.

I had been saying the same thing over and over again, but these girls would ask me the same questions repeatedly.

When they talked about the same things every time, I would wear a smile so cold, that even I would be aware of it.

“There you go again~, but then again, the only people who will suit Ogiwara-kun are Kanzaki-san or Kirasaka-san”

“Kirasaka-san is also a beauty, after all”

The two girls had this conversation while looking at Kirasaka-san. She was in her seat, reading a book by herself.

Indeed, if it was Kirasaka-san, she would be a good fit for Ogiwara-kun.

Rather, that would be so much better for me. By all means, I wanted her to go out with Ogiwara-kun.

That way, I wouldn’t have to be subjected to these conversations.

However, there wasn’t probably, even the slightest possibility of her going out with Ogiwara-kun.

To begin with, I didn’t even know if Ogiwara-kun had feelings for Kirasaka-san or not.

She was prejudiced towards Ogiwara-kun, but there was a bigger problem.

For me, it was the biggest problem.

“But recently, I have noticed that she has been talking to Shinra-kun, who sits next to her”

“Now that you mention it, I have been noticing that a lot……if we called out to her suddenly, could we easily talk to her too?”

The girls talked about it in wonder.

However, that wasn’t the case.

The fact that she was talking to him, the fact that she was talking to Shinra Minato, wasn’t merely because he sat next to her. Neither was it because he was an easy person to talk to.

It was either because she held special feelings for Minato-kun, or she had a strong interest in him.

If that wasn’t the case, she would have simply ignored anyone who approached her. She would have continued reading the book she held in her hand and act as if nothing had happened.

That was why she was the person I had to be wary of the most.

No matter what she would be doing, she would be shifting her attention to Minato-kun all the time.

She would call out to him and tease him for trivial matters.

At first, Minato-kun seemed like he was afraid to talk to her. However, it would seem that he had gotten used to talking to her since now, he could reply to her properly.

From the looks of it, it couldn’t be said that they were on good terms. However, something about their relationship was making me very anxious.

Until now, the only girl apart from me who could talk happily with Minato-kun was his little sister, Kaede-chan. I haven’t seen anyone else doing that.

At a glance, he was an extremely ordinary boy.

It would be appropriate to say that his appearance, grades and athletic abilities were ordinary.

As a result, he didn’t stand out in any way. Hence, the girls would always be looking at Ogiwara-kun, who was in the same school year.

That was why I had thought that things wouldn’t be any different here on out either.

I was the only one looking at Minato-kun.

I understood him better than anybody else.

That was why this wasn’t the right time to tell him about the feelings that I have kept away hidden in my heart.

I wanted to wait until he looked at me more. Even though I had decided to be patient about this……

“……I have to give it my best too”

I murmured so while looking at Minato-kun. He was sitting by the window with his elbow on the windowsill as he looked out of it vacantly.

At the same time, his eyes turned to look at me. Even though he definitely shouldn’t have been able to hear me from that distance……

Our eyes met, and naturally, my heart started to race.

With sleepy eyes, he simply kept staring at my direction.

Was it because he was interested in the talks of his female classmates, or was it because he was thinking about something that had to do with me?

Whichever it was, I could realize that my face had turned a little red, and my body temperature was on the rise.

To avoid anyone noticing me, I wore a little smile.

Minato-kun let out a small sigh. Then, he pointed at his mouth with his left hand.


As I followed in his footsteps and touched my mouth, I noticed I had sauce from the side dish of my bento on my lips.

“Th, that was the worst……”

Did he sigh at that?……

Due to embarrassment, my face was dyed in a fiercer red than before. I averted my gaze from him.

He is definitely disgusted……

I lifted my face in order to confirm my fear with a quick glance, but I found that Minato-kun was already looking outside. Instead, Kirasaka-san’s smirking expression entered my field of vision.

“It is truly……the worst!”

I would never hand Minato-kun over to her.

It was because I had decided a long time ago that I would be the one to stand beside him!

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      1. Are you even sane?!
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  1. I need moar!!!!! I love this kind of chapters where one can see the story from the other characters POV, even more when it is from a heroine!
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