Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them #60

This one is a short story.

Real Intention and real intention (13)

Translator – Vodka


Sorry guys, I had accidentally hit the wrong schedule time for posting this chapter. Too much vodka last night. Here is last week’s chapter.



Having disclosed everything in her heart, her face gradually dyed in the colour of red. Immediately thereafter, she turned her back on me.

“To, today, I think that was all I wanted to say, so……I shall take my leave here!”

“Oi!……she left”

With running skills that one could only call “superior” when compared to the other female students, she ran away from this place. I could only stare at her with my mouth wide open.

When I saw her leaving the park, I let out an unconscious sigh.

Now I had to deal with her confession and think about how I should associate with her from now on.

I could already see how this matter was going to be the source of future troubles, but now that things had just become twice more complicated in a short period of time, I could feel a wave of depression assailing my mood.

“……I will return today as well”

I said these words to Kirasaka and Yuuto, and then I started to walk towards the direction Shizuku ran away.

Her house was across the street from mine. We could have gone back together, but I guess she wouldn’t want to under this kind of situation.

I would really like to listen to Yuuto’s story in detail, but right now, I just wanted to return home and be alone.

Shizuku’s confession kept replaying in my mind over and over again, as I walked down the dark road of the residential area.

Kirasaka and Yuuto said nothing when they saw me being like that. They had wordlessly sent me off.

Let’s apologize to them at school tomorrow for the fact that I left these two people who were on bad terms with each other, alone.




“You too did something troublesome” (Kirasaka)

“What are you talking about? Besides, was it ok to not say anything?” (Yuuto)

Kirasaka and Yuuto started to converse; their eyes didn’t meet. Other than these two, there was already no one else left in the park

“What could you be talking about?”

“……Well, whatever, but I won’t give up. Even if it might be impossible right now, I might be able to make her look at me in the future”

“……you just don’t know when to give up”

She gave her a cold look.

According to his own story, he had gotten rejected at the amusement park, and now, a few minutes ago, he got rejected again, indirectly. Even then, he couldn’t give up.

However, it could be said that there was only this one point she had in common with him……

“……What I like, I don’t want even my family to touch it” (Kirasaka)

Was her desire to monopolize this unsightly……?


Kirasaka said these words and left.

Yuuto turned to look at her departing back and muttered softly.

“She is a scary person……Minato is liked by an amazing person, hah……”

A bitter smile hung on Yuuto’s lips as he departed from the park where there was already no one else except him.


Author –

I am thinking of writing about Shizuku ‘s holiday in the next chapter.

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  1. Thanks for the chap, am I the only one whose confused as to why no one has called out Yuuto for his bullshit?

    1. Because being straightforward with each other will worsen their relationship to the point of being irreparable. Or, at least, that’s how I interpret it.

  2. Yikes… “What I like, I don’t want even my family touching it.”

    Strong words, strong personality.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  3. The battle is officially on.

    Can’t place my bet tho. I am a sucker for both tropes represented by Kirisaka and Shizuku.

    How will MC hold up after this?

    Tune in next time.
    Thanks for the chappy 🙂

  4. Just found out this had gotten picked up after the last group dropped it 2 years ago. Vodka is doing the lord’s work here.

  5. Yuuto, for once can you please be useful… Please ‘Back To The Future’ that sh*t all the way to 6 BC to swap places with Jesus.

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