Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them #55

Real Intention and real intention (8)

Translator – Vodka

Editor – Soju

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The love he harboured for Shizuku; his worries, impatience, and indignation all stemmed from that love.

His words contained various emotions in them.

He was always surrounded by many people, and he had always been on the receiving end of people’s affections. However, this didn’t change the fact that he too, was still a high school boy.

If he ended up liking someone, he also would have feelings of yearning and longing for that person.

However, for the student named Ogiwara Yuuto, that kind of stance was unforgivable.

To the girls, he was everyone’s prince.

To the boys, he was everyone’s leader.

Since he was born more exceptional than others, his position in the group had been decided for him without any regard for his own wishes.

No matter how much of a school prince he was, he wasn’t an idol.

He wasn’t subjected to a dating ban or anything. In fact, no one should be able to tie him down.

Even though it was a public consensus that no one could have Yuuto, that was only on the surface. In reality, many people were thinking of wanting to monopolize him.

Especially, the girls……

Then there was Yuuto himself, who seemed to have comprehended the unique position that people had put him in. Was it because of this, that he had always kept a certain distance from matters pertaining to love?

Truth be told, I had thought that Yuuto didn’t have any interest in romance until he spoke up about his interest in Shizuku during the summer break. I had never heard him talk about such matters before.

I thought that he must have felt that it was fun to incessantly kick up a fuss with his many friends.

However, if I was wrong about that, and he had been harbouring his feelings for Shizuku for several years, that one incident during the summer break might have been his own major decision.

His own decision to be honest with his own feelings.


Yuuto had begun speaking in a serious voice, but the words that had followed thereafter could be considered as unexpected.

“However, when I had been talking about this matter to you during summer break, I had given up halfway through”

Yuuto had been staring into the distance, but then he turned his heads towards me who had been sitting next to him.

His gaze seemed to ask me, “Do you know why?”.


Towards that gaze of his, I kept silent.

He might have concluded from my silence that I didn’t know the answer, so he opened his mouth.

“That’s because you were there around her……so, I thought of giving up on her”

“That is——”

“I know. I know more than anybody else that it’s nothing more than an excuse, Minato”

As if he had known beforehand that I was going to say something, he shook his head back and forth.

When I saw him like that, I swallowed the words that I couldn’t finish saying.

Nothing more than an excuse

I had the same opinion……but considering it was Yuuto, that statement made him looked timid.

Shizuku and I were only childhood friends, not lovers.

Yuuto understood this matter the best. He had known about the relationship between Shizuku and I. Even then, he had fallen in love with her. Then, at the very least, shouldn’t he not be making my presence the reason for his giving up on Shizuku?

Well, that would be my story if you asked me; my point of view.

If we’re looking at the situation from his perspective, I……the existence of a childhood friend might have truly been a nuisance.



“At that time, when I thought of Kanzaki-san, I thought the only option that I had was to give up. However……at least, it’s different now”

“……What’s different?”

Yuuto had been talking in the same way as usual. Then he assumed an earnest expression and looked at me with a sharp look in his eyes.

As if he had confronted an enemy, his eyes were extremely cold.

It had been approximately five years since I had met Yuuto.

That was the first time he had ever shown me such a cold expression. I couldn’t hide my surprise.

However, having seen that expression of his, I felt like I had understood the true meaning of being called out here.

His answer would also become important for the current relationship between Yuuto and Shizuku.

“At this rate, Kanzaki-san will only get more miserable……I can’t bear to see her that way. That’s why I have decided to become her support. It’s going to be me, Minato. Not you”


He was going to support her splendidly, wasn’t he? and he could do it better than me, and better than anybody else.

However, there was one thing that was on my mind.

“Is that what she wanted?”

Sitting next to me, Kirasaka, who had been silent until now, asked this question to Yuuto. Similar to Yuuto, she was giving off an extremely cold feeling. Her eyes were so cold that it felt like they could make someone faint.

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  1. Oh man, just re-read this from the beginning after noticing it had been picked up and have now finally caught up!

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  2. Yuuto may be a little selfish in what he’s saying but it’s not as if it’s anymore then an average teenager. Or most adults for that matter.
    Seems what he’s hinting at is Shizuno’s unacknowledged feelings for our “ordinary” MC.
    We still dont know if she actually agreed to go out with the Smile Manufacturing Machine. Or for all his apparent determination if he even actually confessed to her.
    Very real life self conscious teen life.
    Someone get a fire hose. Lol

    Thanks for the chapter

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