Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them #51

Real Intention and real intention (4)

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Editor – Soju



The student council room was normally enveloped by a calm atmosphere after school, but silence had pervaded there for a moment.

The reason for the silence was the expression that the president had shown.

Koizumi and Miura had already been acquainted with the president. Therefore when their countenance had changed and they looked a little surprised, I could gather that it must have been rare for the president to show such a grim expression in front of people.

Perhaps, it was even her first time.

From my and Hino-kun’s perspective, we were thinking,

“The president can make this kind of face too, huh”

Though I did realize that this situation was strange, because it would seem that the president usually wouldn’t be making that kind of a face.

Having noticed our staring, she started to clean up her desk as if to wriggle her way out of this situation.

“Well then, shall we end today’s activities here?”

“……You’re right. I too am going to submit this report to Sudo-sensei”

After hearing the president talk, Miura got up from her seat and exited the room because she had to submit today’s’ report to the teacher-in-charge, Sudo-sensei.

Koizumi and Hino-kun also started cleaning up. I was briefly writing the minutes for today’s meeting.

My handwriting couldn’t be termed as beautiful or anything, but anyone would be able to read it. I quickly jotted down the notes.

“Why am I worrying, huh?……”

A thought came to my mind.

Was I being meddlesome by worrying like this?

It was the truth that I really held a lot of doubts. However, if I did away with the pretences, I was really just an outsider.

Maybe I should stop interfering in this matter beyond this. It was strictly between Shizuku and Yuuto.

Unnoticed, my hands had stopped moving. I moved them once more and wrote down the last line.



After Miura had returned, we were done with today’s student council. I left the student council room. There was a student who was standing in the long corridor that lay in front of my eyes.

That student was Kirasaka Ren. The evening sunset’s light shone on her through the window, it was like a scene out of a fairy-tale.

“Ara, it was faster than I had expected”

“You had been waiting here?”

I walked towards her while dragging my feet. Kirasaka noticed the sound of it, as she turned towards me.

There was a pocket paperback in her hand, so she must have been reading it while waiting for me.

We had plans of meeting up with Yuuto after this. However, I had thought I could surely return home first and then turn up for the meeting.

“Oya? Isn’t it Ren?”

The president who was beside me unexpectedly raised her voice, as she walked forward and approached Kirasaka.

“Hello, Akane-san, I was surprised when I heard that you let a student like Shinra-kun join the student council”

“Well, there were some circumstances…, leaving that aside, were you waiting for Shinra?”

“Yes, I have some business with him after this”

Hearing those few words of hers, everyone in my vicinity let out voices of astonishment.

Koizumi and Hino-kun especially displayed their shock. Their eyes were wide open as if saying, “I can’t believe this!”

They were fixedly staring at me.

“There was something like that too, huh……”

“Oi, Miura……what is with those eyes?”

“Nothing, just that it’s hard to understand people’s tastes”

Miura looked at me with eyes that embodied deep interest.

No, she was just special, ok?

Since, her ideal kind of man was a person who lived his life disinterestedly.


“That is so cool, Shinra-kun! You are close with Kirasaka-san”

“I-it’s a lie……senpai has a friend, plus he’s on good terms with that famous Kirasaka-senpai……It’s not possible, it’s just Shinra-senpai!”

“Oi……do you not want to worship Kaede’s face ever again?”

Were these people deceived by her appearance as well?……

After I had confirmed the amount of attention that Kirasaka was garnering from her surroundings once more, I returned my gaze to the place where the president and Kirasaka were at.

“Having something to do after school? Is it perhaps, a date?”

“A date after school sounds fascinating, but unfortunately it’s different this time”

I would like it if you didn’t say it in such a misleading way.

At this rate, won’t it look like Kirasaka and I were frequently going out to someplace after school?

As proof of that, even the president was a bit taken aback.

“Don’t act too much without restraint, and don’t drag Shinra around too much”

“I know “

Kirasaka would always act more mature than us, but before the president, even she would look her age.

In the first place, I didn’t know they were acquainted.

When I had shown her the student council documents, I didn’t recall her saying that the president was an acquaintance of hers.

After the President’s conversation with Kirasaka had come to an end, the student council members left. Rather the two guys, Koizumi and Hino-kun had to be dragged away by Miura and the president.

“Well then, shall we get going?”

“I guess, did you hear from him?”

“Now that you mention it, I haven’t checked my phone yet”

I took out my smartphone from my bag and checked if there were any text messages from him.

There was one message from Yuuto that only had the words,

“5 o’clock at the park near Minato’s house”, written in it.

“It says we are to meet at the park near my house at 5. In that case, we have plenty of time”

“Should I prepare a car?”

“No, we’ll walk there”

She would probably have called Kuroi-san, but it would be a bit awkward to have him drive us.

Since there wasn’t much of a distance anyways, it was fine to walk leisurely.

I matched my steps with Kirasaka’s, as our footsteps echoed in the empty corridor.



Author –

Next time, the location changes.

I wanted the president to make an appearance, so even it was only two chapters, I followed through.

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    1. I agree, the author in my opinion is not talented in his descriptions. He is a more to the point type of writer. I thank you for your continued patronage and time, used to read the series we are so proud to be working on.

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