Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them #50

Author – Student Council President’s turn!

Real Intention and real intention (3)

Translator – Vodka

Editor – Soju



In the blink of an eye, it was already after school. Right now, I was in the student council room.

Including myself, all five members of the student council were present and about an hour had passed since the meeting had started.

Today’s agenda was almost taken care of. As we were taking a small break, the president suddenly asked me,

“I had been wanting to ask you this since yesterday, but Shinra-kun, is there something that you’re worried about?”

“Well……I wouldn’t say it’s a worry, rather it’s a question?”

While sipping on the tea that Hino-kun had brewed for me, I gave a vague answer to the president’s question.

“I won’t ask you to tell me the specifics, but you know, I am your senpai in matters of life too. Won’t you talk to me about it, so that I can help you? You never know, it might help you in your matters”

The president said these words while pounding her chest with her right hand.

However, I found it unexpectedly tough to explain these issues to other people.

It was like giving a presentation in front of people.

You were aware of the contents of the problem, but when you had to explain it to others, the words just wouldn’t come out.

I flipped through the dictionary in my mind and carefully chose my words.

“I can’t trust people’s words”

“Isn’t that how you always are?”


That was a low blow……

Although, she wasn’t wrong in her statement. Though, when she said it directly to my face, I wanted to refute it.

Looking at it closely, I was the one at fault, since my selection of words were terrible.

The president put her elbow on the large conspicuous table in the middle of the council room and wore a wry smile. Since she was acting the role of a concerned senpai, I gave her some additional information as I continued with the conversation.

“……I can’t understand what the other party is thinking”

“What the other party is thinking? ……Fumu, that is a difficult problem”

The president placed her hand against her chin and directed her gaze diagonally upwards to the right.

It wasn’t only the president, but Hino-kun, the vice-president Koizumi and the treasurer Miura, listened to my problem with great interest.

They wore such expressions that it seemed like they were challenging a tough question that had appeared on a test.

You know, you didn’t really need to think about it that deeply……?

I felt like today’s student council meeting had become the consultation corner for my worries. Today’s main agenda was to discuss the budget for the various school clubs. Since it had already come to a conclusion, I guess no one had a complaint about the consultation corner.

“A, are you talking about a female student?”

“No, it’s a male student”

I could hear Koizumi’s timid voice.

I won’t ask you to get all friendly with me, since it had only been a few days from when we first met.

It was just that since we both belong to the same school year, I would at least want him to take it easy when he was talking with me. Also, it was because I was his senpai when it came to being a member of the student council.

I wanted him to have more confidence in himself and talk to me without restraint. He needs to be able to do that much at least.

“Then, is that male student a close friend of yours?”

Contrary to Koizumi’s formal tone, Miura asked me this in her usual voice.

I was more comfortable this way as well.

“It depends on when two people can be considered close friends……well, you could say he’s a friend”

“Certainly, that depends on the recognition of both the parties”

If one person thought of the other person as a close friend, but the other person only considered him to be a regular friend, they couldn’t be termed as close friends.

Guys who casually used the words “close friends”, were mostly just ordinary friends.

I think that two people can only be close friends when they are able to share all the happy moments as well as the sad moments with each other. It wasn’t a matter of how many friends you had.

That applied to my relationship with Yuuto too.

At the very least, he might have had considered me his close friend, since he had opened his heart to me during spring break.

However, if someone were to ask me if he was a person whom I could divulge the matters of my heart, it would be hard for me to answer “Yes”. That was because,

There were vast differences in our looks and abilities and we lived in different worlds

the moment I had such thoughts, we were already not standing on the same plane.

“Senpai……you had a friend?”

“Why are you so depressed……?”

Rather than paying attention to the contents of my story, Hino-kun was more shocked that I had a friend.

He must have been thinking that I was similar to him, but sorry mate, my level was a bit higher.

While everyone’s pity-filled gazes were concentrated on Hino-kun, the president cleared her throat. She then stared fixedly at me and said,

“If I had to say something, there would only be one thing”

It’s because you don’t understand the feelings of the other party, that you could even understand each other in the first place”

“That is one complicated answer……”

“That isn’t so, it’s rather simple, you know”

The president then got up from her seat. She went towards the direction of the window for a change of air and sat down on the windowsill.

A pleasant breeze came through the window. It caressed the president’s hair as her strands fluttered in the wind.

“Understanding a person’s feelings is something impossible, even for a family member. If you think you are able to understand someone’s feelings, then you are mistaken”


“It is because two people don’t know each other, that they exchange words and observe the other party”

I felt like I was hearing my own story.

What was he thinking? What he said, was it the truth?

I had been mulling over these things for the last two days.

“That is why, if you’re not able to understand what the other person is thinking, then that means that you still don’t know him well enough, Shinra”

“……I see”

I hung my head and pondered over her words.

What didn’t I understand well enough? What was I missing?

The president said this to me in a gentle tone,

“It’s ok to change the way you’re thinking, let’s see……you can start off with this. Try thinking why you’re worrying over this matter so much to begin with?”

As opposed to her gentle voice, she wore a dark expression on her face. She seemed to worry about me.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter~

    Yeah, why he worried about it in the first place. Whatever he lied or not it doesn’t concern MC that much, since it’s other people relationship.

    MC can worry if there’s already a trouble rising, but not at this point.

  2. He worries because he’s been one sidedly involved with both parties problem despite himself.
    Which might not seem like a very friendly attitude but why does he have to worry about the social life of the school’s Prince & Princess(es)?

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