Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them #44

Amusement Park and misunderstandings (9)

There had been a typo in the last chapter. A reader had pointed it out. It was when Kirasaka was confirming that she was gonna sit beside MC during the first ride. The typo appeared in MC’s response to that. Edited it to “……What’s ok? I don’t understand”.

Translator – Vodka

Editor – Soju



With Yuuto taking the lead, we walked in the order of Shizuku, Kaede, Kirasaka and then me. As we went around exploring the establishment, I had a very different impression when compared to the last time I had visited this amusement park.

The last time Kaede and I had visited this park would be when we were elementary school students. Therefore, that would make it more than five years now. At that time, this place seemed bigger and it felt as if I was lost in another world.

.……Often hailed as the country of dreams.

There were buildings that didn’t exist in the usual townscape and you could experience the world of fantasy that could only be seen on the TV. Finally you can even see popular characters actually move in real life. Looking at this place from a kid’s perspective, it was not strange to think that this place was a different world.

Now that I have come here again after reaching a certain age, there was something I ended up thinking no matter what……

Those characters……weren’t they too big?

That duck character taking pictures with the kids was definitely bigger than me.

Why was I ok with taking normal pictures with that cartoon-character costume when I was a kid? Why didn’t I feel a shred of doubt towards that enormity?

Innocence, in a way, was a terrifying thing.

If that thing came chasing after me with all its strength, I had the confidence to make a run for it faster than anybody here.

Besides, every time I looked at the character, I ended up thinking about things like breathability issues under that costume. Therefore, there shouldn’t be even a shred of those innocent feelings from childhood left in me.

While having such thoughts, I went around and looked at famous attractions, but no matter where I looked, there was a long line.

Two hours had passed since this park had opened up. If I had to say whether this situation was as expected, then I would say – yes, it was.



In the end, we got fast passes for the popular rides and during the wait time for our fast passes, we searched for rides with little people lining up for them……and this cycle repeated. Before we had realized it, the time had passed by in a blink of an eye.

By the time it became noon, we had only ridden two of the popular rides. However, I already felt pretty exhausted.

When we were riding the indoor space-themed roller coaster, Kaede was on the verge of tears.

At the attraction where the dugout canoes went down the waterfalls, Shizuku was taken aback at the sheer altitude of the decent. This time, she also was on the verge of tears.

More than anything, while we were at the 3D show, I was nauseated the whole time. I was rendered immobile for a little while after that. My experience at this park had been quite different compared to what I had imagined it would be.



When it was noon, we had a temporary break. We were at this place called Picnic Area. The lunch that we had brought along was laid in front of us.

It was not only Kaede, but Shizuku and Kirasaka too had brought bentos. As a result, different kinds of food were beautifully lined up before us.

“Honestly, it’s because Shinra-kun is so weak”

Said Kirasaka who was sitting beside me. Though, this time I had no words I could say.

“My bad……I didn’t think that the 3D effects would make me feel that bad”

I looked away from her, grabbed a sandwich and put it in my mouth.

Hm, delicious.

After I had swallowed the sandwich, I extended my hands towards one of my favourite dishes, Karage. Right then,

“Everyone has things they are bad at! Don’t worry about it, Minato-kun!”

Shizuku yelled out these consoling words, but I responded to her without a moment’s delay.

“That’s true, you’re referring to your crying after the waterfall ride, right?”

“I, I was not crying!……I was just a bit surprised, that’s all”

……That was a bit huh.

Her eyes were red, for a little while her knees kept shaking. Were those my eyes playing tricks on me?

I narrowed my eyes and looked at Shizuku. She looked away from me.

Just like how I couldn’t defend myself against Kirasaka’s words, it would seem that Shizuku too had nothing she could say to defend herself against mine.

“B-, by the way, where should we go after this?”

Yuuto cut in to try and diffuse the unbearable situation.

“I want to go to the one called “Canoe Exploration”!”

Kaede said that to Yuuto, and then she looked at everybody one by one, as if she was asking for their confirmation.

“I think that is fine?”

“I am ok with that too”

Kirasaka and Shizuku did not have any objections to Kaede’s proposal.

Then she looked at me. I gave her a small nod to which she smiled with delight.

“You see, I always wanted to row a Canoe!”

“Eh? What? You’re gonna row it yourself?”

“Yes, that is right”

I thought your elder brother here with a perfectly fine physique could row it for you, but I was wrong?

As if she had noticed my misunderstanding, Kaede lifted the corners of her mouth as she said to me this,

“It is because Nii-san has already agreed to do it. I will have you row it for me, you know”

Why do I feel like her expression at this point in time was similar to Kirasaka’s when she would be enjoying my reactions?

……As expected, I felt like Kaede had been on the receiving end of Kirasaka’s influence. Though, I would like to think that it was only my imagination.

Kirasaka was after all, not a person who should be made into a role model for anyone to follow.

“Shinra-kun, it is ok not to think about something too rude, you know? “


Needless to say, towards that cold gaze of hers, a chill came running down my spine.

[TN – “Canoe exploration” is something like a boat ride. Also, “Karage” is deep-fried food, especially chicken. Did not want to ruin the flow of story above with TNs there.]

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  2. Quit being intimidated by her, man. You got nothing to fear. And you, rich bitch. Is it fine for you to say rude things, nigh constantly, but not okay for him to think rude things? You built that reputation for yourself, so live with it you rude brat.

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