Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them #43

Amusement Park and misunderstandings (8)

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Even at a place like this, why are crepes the first thing that she must eat?

To begin with, crepes are something she could eat anywhere, it doesn’t have to be here.

Speaking of which, I had noticed a crepe cart dropping by once every week at the shopping district near my house.

Rather, wouldn’t it be better to find something like sweets, that you could only get to eat here……This is what I was thinking, but contrary to my solitary thoughts, Kaede also followed after Kirasaka and walked up to the front of the shop.

“That sounds like a good idea! I want to have a Banana Crepe!”

“It can’t be helped, it will be Onee-san’s treat”

“……I won’t be having any” (MC)

The two decided on their favourite crepes and the purchase ended up being Kirasaka’s treat.

There was some time left before the crepes would be served. During that interval, the two girls stood at the front of the shop and observed the shopkeeper baking the crepe. I then directed my gaze towards the two others– Yuuto and Shizuku.

They were looking around in a shop that handled a large number of souvenir items.

They kept looking in our direction, hence I could infer that they were simply killing time until we joined up with them.

As usual, people were gathering around them, but it looked like they were used to all that attention, since they didn’t seem to care.

Be that as it may, human psychology was an interesting thing.

If there was a beautiful woman or a handsome man in the vicinity, they would garner a lot of attention from their surroundings. Even if they were strangers, people would gather in droves, wanting to have a look at them.

Even now, I heard passersby behind me saying,

“There is an extremely cute girl over there, you know!”

From their outward appearances, I would say they were a bit older than me……University students, I guess?

They were trying to have someone hit on her, but if they really think they could pull it off, I want to see them try.

……Standing next to Shizuku was a good-looking guy. They matched so well that anybody would lose the motivation to even try and hit on her.

That applied to the two girls in front of me as well.

Luckily, since Kirasaka and Kaede were stuck at the front of the shop, people passing by couldn’t notice of them properly.

Even so, this place was right in front of the entrance.

Soon the surrounding people would see them and the girls would become the centre of attention.

The current world is an Internet society.

A handsome guy who was like a prince, two beautiful women who could overshadow the likes of an unskilled idol, and then there was, from my perspective, the most adorable little sister in the entire world.

Having their pictures taken without their permission……unbelievable actions like that were entirely possible.

Taking someone’s picture without their permission was strictly sneak photography, but young people with no concern for such things would upload a photo without any consideration for the target.

The photo would probably be accompanied by a comment that went like, “Super handsome guy and three beauties walking together!”

Especially Kaede, who was the embodiment of transcendental adorability, would have hundreds of her photos taken with the rapid-fire photography feature.

[TN – rapid-fire photography would be basically taking pictures one after the other, without any breaks in between, at super speed.]

If Hino-kun saw those photos, he would be shedding tears of great joy and delight……

Well, leaving the jokes aside, it would be better to leave as fast as possible so we can ward off people’s gazes, even if it’s just a little bit.

Yuuto and Shizuku might have gotten used to people’s gazes, but for me, the current situation was enough to put me in a bad mood.

It was a similar feeling to when you had to stand up in a classroom full of strangers, because the teacher had suddenly called out to you.

Yeah……I don’t understand that feeling too well.

Anyways, it was very uncomfortable and unpleasant.

“Look at this! There is so much cream!”

“Mine is a mountain of fruits”

“……Did the crepes finally arrive? In any case, we’re going to move to somewhere more spacious”

I informed them so and quickly started to walk myself.

At last the two girls had finally gotten ahold of their crepes. The two girls happily held on to them with both hands and left the shop.

“Oh, the crepe will end up falling!”

From behind me, Kaede’s flustered voice entered my ears, but for now, I wanted her to bear with me.

While I was walking by the front of the shop where Yuuto and Shizuku were at, I signalled “I’m going” with my fingers and then moved on before they came out of the store.

Shops were spread out on both sides of the street. As we left the street behind us, we entered an enormous plaza where a castle could be seen in the distance.

The passageway to the plaza was swarming with people. Immediately upon entering the plaza, the crowd started to disperse in different directions.

“With this, finally, it’s not suffocating……”

I was the first one who exited the passageway. When I looked back at its direction, I could still see people coming out of it, one after the other.

I then let out a stifled breath.

“Because of Shinra-kun, so many strawberries had fallen down”

Kirasaka had been walking right behind me, but she then stopped next to me and gave me a displeased look.

Luckily, Kaede didn’t drop anything at all. It was probably because of the fact that she could finally eat her crepe peacefully, that she had a smile on her face.

“Sorry to have done that to you……”

“You should be! For now, I will be sitting beside you during the first ride, ok? “

“……What’s ok? I don’t understand”

Since we had five people here, it was obvious that one person had to sit alone.

That was my role and I had no intention of handing it over to anyone.

Kirasaka smiled a little after hearing my reply and then went back to eating her crepe.

While glancing at the two girls who were munching on mouthfuls of crepes, I waited for Yuuto and Shizuku to join us.

We didn’t have to wait for too long, because the two people we had been waiting for soon exited the passageway. With Yuuto taking the lead, they walked towards us.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting” (Shizuku)

“My bad, well then, shall we get going?” (Yuuto)

“Hold on, they’re still eating——” (MC)

“I’m already done”

“No problem on my end”

“Ah……is that so?”

Up until a moment ago, the two girls should have been eating their crepes, but there was nothing left in their hands.

Did they swallow it whole or something?……

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  1. Be that as it may, human psychology was an interesting thing.

    If there was a beautiful woman or a handsome man in the vicinity, they would garner a lot of attention from their surroundings. Even if they were strangers, people would gather in droves, wanting to have a look at them.

    – I’ve seen literal 10s walking around and I’ve never seen this behaviour. Not saying they didn’t garner looks, but people gathering to look at them not so much. Is this an actual Japanese thing since the trope crops up quite a lot or is just in their media?

  2. MC inferiority complex does have it rough around the beautiful people all the time.
    With the fan club society of Japanese HS be a rather troubling amount of pressure.
    Thanks for the chapter

  3. “……I don’t know how what is ok”

    Sounds off, perhaps “I don’t know how that is ok”

    1. Must have been the fever Vodka.
      Edited it to “……What’s ok? I don’t understand”.
      Wrote it a bit differently to retain the original meaning.

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