Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them #38

Amusement Park and misunderstandings (3)

I had forgotten to mention we started a separate chapter at #36 titled “Amusement Park and misunderstandings”. Must have been the Vodka.

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We were standing at the entrance of the shop. Upon finding us, Yuuto rushed over, brought his face close to my ear and whispered.

“Man, you really saved me by coming early……it’s awkward because Kirasaka-san just ignores me no matter what I say”

“……you are being hated, that’s why”

I said these words to Yuuto without hesitation.

It was an undeniable fact. Normally, she already showed her dislike of Yuuto, so there shouldn’t be a problem.

I passed by Yuuto who wore a bitter smile on his face and headed towards the direction that Kirasaka was seated in.

“You’re pretty early, huh?”

As I stopped beside Kirasaka, I casually called out to her.

When Kirasaka heard my words, she gently smiled and shifted her gaze from the book in her hand to my face.

“Ara, Shinra-kun is early too, I was also looking forward to today, so I woke up early……had some spare time before you guys came, so I was reading a book by myself”

“……Is, is that so?”

I get it.

Yuuto must have been sitting across from her, but it looked like his existence wasn’t acknowledged.

Her cold attitude towards Yuuto never seems to waver.

“Shinra-kun and Kaede-chan……I see Kanzaki-san appears to be tagging along, and finally… I see Handsome-kun is here as well”

“I was the one who invited you. So to be exact, you’re the one who is tagging along”

Surely enough, the two started to argue.

I don’t really mind them arguing, but maybe I should do something about Yuuto, who now had eyes of a dead fish?

I thought about it for a moment, but since the events of today could be traced back to him, let’s leave him be.

The two girls were arguing, Kaede was trying to pacify the situation and Yuuto was seemingly lifeless.

“I still don’t know where we’re going today, you know”

Hearing my voice, the four turned their gazes towards me in unison.

I was at a loss, as to who I should be looking at, so I directed my gaze towards Yuuto. He should definitely be in possession of the details.

“That’s right, we should get going already. Today, we’re going to Tokyo Dis——”

“Ah……mouseland, is it?”

Due to adult circumstances, the name of the amusement park could have been dangerous to say out loud for a variety of reasons.

Hence, I called it mouseland and Yuuto decided to go along with me and answered,

“……Well, you’re not wrong. That’s right, we’re going to mouseland”

“……Can’t we change the location?”

“I knew Minato would say something like that, so that’s why I haven’t mentioned anything until today”

Amongst the numerous amusement parks that were in Japan, saying it was the most popular one wouldn’t have been an understatement. For me who hated crowds, mouseland was truly hell.

More so, around me, there was a handsome boy, a beautiful girl, a beautiful woman, and a super adorable younger sister, all of whom were extremely ordinary people.

Their outside appearances were way too different from mine, so if we entered the park, they would naturally garner a lot of attention. If people saw the ordinary me, walking behind them, “Eh? One of them is plain”, some people would surely make a comment like that.

Rather, because of the extreme lack of harmony when viewed from the outside, they might not even think that I am with them.

They might think I’m just another visitor at the park, who happened to coincidentally walk behind them.

If that was the case, then there was no problem in particular.

The only other problem now was, how I would have to put up with the crowds of people for a long period of time.


“Anyways, there’s no point if we just continued talking here. Now that we know the place, let’s move quickly”

My idea of changing the place was splendidly rejected.

Kirasaka got up from her seat, said these few words and then exited the shop with quick steps.

We followed in her footsteps and went outside. A white mini-van was parked in front of the shop.

It wasn’t there when we had entered the shop. Then, an old personage……who turned out to be Kuroi-san, got out of the car and stood in front of us.

“Good morning everyone. Today, I shall be your chauffeur”

When I turned my gaze towards Kirasaka who was standing next to Kuroi-san, she flashed a somewhat triumphant smile.

“……Thank you very much, Kuroi-san”

Of course my words of gratitude were directed at Kuroi-san, who was in front of me.

After all, Kirasaka wasn’t the one who was going to drive us.

She was probably dissatisfied by my reaction as she narrowed her eyes and glared at me. Only this time, I wasn’t scared at all.

The three people behind me then expressed their thanks to Kuroi-san as well. Next, the discussions that regarded the seating order commenced.

“It is only natural, but it is ok for me to decide, right? Well then, Handsome-kun in the front passenger seat, Shinra-kun and I in the middle, behind us will be Kaede-chan and Kanzaki-san”

“What are you saying! You should be in the passenger seat, Kaede-chan and I should be in the middle, and Minato-kun and Ogiwara-kun in the back, it would still be better that way!”

As expected, it culminated in a dispute yet again. Kaede and Yuuto who were next to them heaved a sigh. It made me wonder if they predicted that things were going to turn out like this.

In the middle of their argument, Kaede found an opportune moment and informed the two girls this,

“Um, if it’s about Nii-san, he’s already sitting in the passenger’ seat, you know?”

That’s right……I’m already in the passenger’ seat and I’m even buckled up.

If I sit beside either of the two girls, just by riding the car, I might end up losing a whole day’s worth of stamina.

Seeing me like that, the girls reluctantly got into the car.


In the end, the seating order went like this – Kaede was in the middle, Kirasaka and Shizuku were on her left and right respectively and Yuuto sat alone at the very back. In this fashion, we departed for our destination, as the car advanced on the highway.

Kaede who was sitting right behind me brought up simple topics of conversation and the girls participated.

Yuuto was also listening to their conversations happily, the air had changed from when we had departed. It wasn’t bad.

However, the peace and quiet didn’t continue for too long.

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