Some drunken information

More alcoholics are gonna join us.

For now, let me introduce you to my editor, Soju.

Take it away, Soju……

Well……it is still me, Vodka. He is gonna do the introduction in the next chapter.

One more thing. I am going to add a chapter tab, that way people might find it easier to navigate. Well eventually, we will be needing it anyways.

9 thoughts on “Some drunken information”

  1. Your reliance on alcohol is sad and pathetic. Hell your name “vodka translation ” just shows that you have nothing going on in your life except booze. I’d kill myself if that was my life. If you weren’t translating a story I am enjoying I’d want nothing to do with your sad pathetic website

    1. Thank you for opening my eyes.
      I will take a break from alcohol for two months.
      And since this translation depends on any alcohol intake, I will also be taking a break from this novel for two months.
      See you after two months when I am alcohol-free or when I have relapsed.

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