Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them #35

How to spend the weekend (7)

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“You two, what are your plans after this?”

After ending the chain of conversations from before, as everyone finished ordering their favourite drinks, Kaede inquired the two.

Had they not been thinking of their plans after this, the two had pensive looks on their faces.

It is almost two hours since we left the house.

I confirmed the current time. It is going to be 12 o’clock in a short while.

Ultimately, because of the uproar from before, Kaede was not able to buy the intended goods from the shop on the second floor. It looks like she planned on going back after this to buy them.

Shizuku had said that she was curious about that shop, so she must have wanted to confirm if she could tag along.

That much is ok and all, but if we are going to be shopping here in the afternoon too, I want to have lunch first.

An establishment as big as this, indeed it looks like there is a food court on the seventh floor. But at this time, people with similar thoughts must be flooding every shop.

“I don’t have any plans in particular”

“As for me……well, I am thinking of having a look at the shop from before, but other than that, nothing in particular”

To their answers, Kaede nodded and then she directed her gaze towards me.

“I have plans of returning home”

“……I am not asking you, Nii-san”

……this is rude.

Surely she must have been asking me too, I thought.

“……then, what is it?”

“Since I too will be done with shopping at the shop from before, shall we return to our home and have lunch together?”


That in itself is a pain.

If we do not eat outside, I can return home much earlier. But if the two are there even after I return home, I would not be able to calm down and rest.

Having heard the conversation between us siblings, the two sitting across us, were looking at me with half-open eyes.

Definitely because they are thinking that I am against Kaede’s proposal, right?

“……understood, in that case, let’s return fast”


“What is it……”

What is with those eyes……

As it is, riding the train for long hours, walking around, being pushed around by crowds of people, tomorrow’s schedule is going to tire me out.

Beyond this, I don’t want to venture outside.

If that is the case, it is still better to be at home for even a tad bit longer.

Shizuku and Kirasaka seem to have been taken by surprise. I ignored them and chugged the melon soda I had not been drinking in one go.




“Nii-san‘s is this, mine is this”

As the four of us returned to the shop on the second floor, Kaede showed me the goods that had caught her interest.

Mine was a blue mug while Kaede’s was a pink one with a similar shape.

I was wondering if she would pick one with a unique shape and colour, but it was nothing like that. They were very ordinary mugs.

Somewhat bigger than the ones we are always using, if we think about ease of use and size, it looks just right.

“It looks good”

“In that case, we shall get these”

Having also received my assent, Kaede took the mugs over to the register at the back of the shop.

Meanwhile, I confirmed the situation of the two behind me.

“Is that a horse?”

“Is not it a donkey?”

They spoke while staring at a shelf that was adorned with many figurehead articles made from glass.

As I shifted my focus on the shelf, an article that was difficult to discern if it was a horse or a donkey had indeed been put on display.

“It is fine either ways……”

“No, this is a horse”

“I think it is a donkey”

They compete on truly inconsequential matters.

I sigh as I look over the two unconsciously. Unnoticed, Kaede who was done with the billing had come up to us. For some reason, she informs the two this,

“Ah, that is an Okapi figurehead”



“……what the hell is that?”



Neither a horse nor a donkey, but Okapi

I dare say there are others who are getting deceived by this. We left the shop and went down the escalator to the first floor.

[TN – Okapi is animal belonging to the Giraffidae family]

We returned the same passage we came. As we left through the main doorway, a pleasant breeze caressed the skin.

I felt like I was suffocating because of too many people until then. I stretched my body and inhaled a chest full of air. It felt a little refreshing.

After this, the four of us had plans of returning to my house over at the neighbouring station and have lunch, albeit somewhat late.

And of course, we were going to take the train. With the station as our destination, as we were about to start walking, a car ran the road and stopped precisely in front of me.

“I have come to pick you up, Ojou-sama”

“Thank you, Jii”

[TN – the “Jii” here probably translates as ‘gramps’. I like ‘Jii’ better, so will keep it that way]

The one who exited the car was a grandpa.

Draped in a black suit, he had age-appropriate creases on his face. But he floats a gentle smile and greets us in a beautiful posture.

It would be a first for Kaede and Shizuku, but I have met him once before.

During the golden week, he was the person who drove Kirasaka when she was visiting my home.

“It has been a long time, Kuroi-san”

“Hello there, Shinra-sama, it has been quite a while”

I greeted grandpa……Kuroi-san with a light bow.

Seems like he remembers me as he returns a second bow.

“Jii, sorry to ask you of this, but please bring us to Shinra-kun’s house”

“I understand. Well then everybody, please get in the car”

Kuroi-san heeds Kirasaka. He makes us board the car and drove it.

We were brought to my home in a car and adding to that was also the fact that it was only a station apart. As a result, we were able to reach home sooner than expected.

That was a limousine……let us ask for a ride again next time.

The seat was like a sofa. It felt good.



We said our thanks to Kuroi-san. As soon as we entered the house, the three – Kaede, Shizuku and Kirasaka, lined up in the kitchen as they started cooking. It looked like they were having fun.

As for me, I threw myself down on the sofa and rested my body while waiting for the food.

If I returned to my room, I would probably fall fast asleep.

The appetite for sleep and food, which one should I pick? The conclusion of my earnest speculations, the perfect idea had hit me. If I slept in the living room, the others can wake me up when the food is ready.

Relieved, I entrust my body to the realm of sleep as I parted with my consciousness. As expected, when the food was ready, Kaede had woken me up. Thanks to her, I was able to enjoy the freshly prepared meal.

If I had fallen asleep in my room, I could not have had woken up this smoothly and the food would have gotten a bit cold.

After that, the three played cards. From a sofa behind, I observed their happy appearances while falling into a doze. Time went by as the sun set.

“Well then, see you tomorrow”

“Sorry to have intruded!”

The two decided to return before it completely became dark.

“……well then”

“Yes, please come again!”

Kaede and I saw the two off at the entrance.

The house suddenly becomes silent.

“……it became quiet, huh”

“That is right……I will sleep early today”

“I will do the same……”

I don’t like it noisy. But I also don’t like it when it suddenly becomes all quiet.

It is kind of like when the excitement suddenly starts to wear off.

Kaede and I took turns in entering the bath. We chatted in the living room for a short while. Then, we headed for an early bed in preparation for tomorrow.

“It rains if I hang a Teru teru bozu upside down, was it?”

[TN – Teru teru bozu is a little traditional paper doll to which children pray for fine weather by hanging them outside of the window by a string]

It had no effect, merely a good luck charm kind of thing. But just in case, I made one with a tissue, hung it at the window and I went to sleep.

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  1. Thanks a lot for picking up this novel :v hope to see more chapters soon. Btw thanks for the chapter

  2. Thanks a lot for picking up this novel :v hope to see more chapters soon. Btw thanks for the chapter

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