Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them #34

How to spend the weekend (6)

I noticed I had been writing ‘Onii-san’ instead of ‘Nii-san’.  Apologies. Must have been the vodka. Edited the previous ones too. Go back and read them, it will definitely sound better.

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“Shizuku-san and Kirasaka-san too, are you looking for something in the shop from before?”

After that, the spectacle of two beautiful girls restraining one boy in front of the shop garnered attention from the surroundings.

It was not only the young people surrounding the girls, but others too had started to assemble. Seeing this, the girls let go of the Judo lock and forcefully dragged me to the café on the fourth floor of this building.

However, even during the migration, Shizuku and who knows why, Kaede too had grabbed my arms, while Kirasaka held on to my nape. In that condition, we reached the café.

Unnecessarily standing out, goes without saying……


We went up to the fourth floor. When we reached the shop, the shopkeeper guided us to our seats. As we sat down, Kaede posed the question from above.

“Err, originally, I had come to buy clothes but there was an interesting shop that had caught my attention, so I wanted to take a quick look at the inside”

“For me, as I was thinking that I wanted to go to that shop, I met with Kirasaka-san……”

To Kaede’s question, the two respectively answered.

However, for some reason, the girls were glaring at each other.

Shizuku with an expression devoid of feelings that she would display on her face sometimes, Kirasaka with a cold gaze that would make any spectator want to flee, the two stared fixedly at each other.

What is with this mood……

There was not a trace of any component in the conversations so far that could result in this kind of situation.

Or rather, can’t these two be on good terms……?

“……why are they glaring at each other”

“I wonder why……”

I whispered to Kaede who was sitting beside me, but it looks like she too had not the slightest clue.

As proof for that, Kaede tilted her head adorably to one side and looked at the two in confusion.

Well, they must be at it again because of issues, comprehensible only to them.

At times like these, it is best to refrain from needless meddling.

As we are silently examining the situation, the first one to open her mouth was Kirasaka.

“Just because you are in front of Shinra-kun, it is not ok to lie, right?”

“Kirasaka-san as well, I think lying is no good”

“I was telling the truth”

“You wanting to go to that shop had some other meaning, didn’t it!”

Shizuku refuted Kirasaka’s words as the two of them glared at each other once more.

As expected, they continued conversations that only the two of them could understand. Towards the two who repeated their face-offs, I lost my patience as I interjected.

“So……ultimately what made the two of you come to that shop?”

“Kanzaki-san was following you guys, so I accompanied her”

“Just wait a moment! In the first place, weren’t you lying in wait near Minato-kun’s house since morning!”

“……hold on a sec, don’t return answers more severe than my question……”

Towards their words, I closed my eyes. Pressing my temple, I try to put in order the conversations that had taken place until now.

Shizuku had been following us since before we had entered the shop……

As for Kirasaka, she had been lying in wait near my house since morning.

Coincidentally having some business at the same place, following us from behind……if so, I would have understood.


But it is not like the girls will not come over to talk if they noticed us. Which would mean, judging from their situations, they had been waiting at the rear of the house all along.

Or rather, Kirasaka waiting nearby, that kind of situation is a no go……


“All right, you guys go home”

I pointed outside the window and informed them.


“It is a no”

“Understood, I will go”


The two who should have been glaring at each other reacted to my words as they immediately turned their gazes towards me and issued immediate replies.

This time I had gotten up from my seat. I took the luggage in my hand and as I was planning on leaving the shop behind, it was Kaede who stopped me.

“Now now, please calm down a bit, Nii-san”

I who had stood up, Kaede grasped my hand and pulled me to get me seated back down.

Although reluctant, I sat down once more. Once again, I questioned the two facing me.

“……returning to the conversation, ultimately, what had brought you guys here?”


Towards this question of mine, this time, the two smoothly furnished their true reasons. If I had to summarize their story, it would be like this……

Shizuku was curious about this new shopping mall from before and it seems like she wanted to invite us siblings on a holiday and come to this mall together.

It would seem the shop from before was also one of the places she wanted to go to.

As for Kirasaka, the outline was similar to Shizuku’s, but there was one difference. Like Kaede, she wanted to buy a dress for tomorrow it seems.

I thought that surely, a young lady such as herself would only wear high-class brands but looks like I was wrong.

She said that she is always buying from ordinary shops.


Before calling out to us, they ended up bumping heads with each other. Ultimately, because of their usual face-off, they missed out on the timing to call out to us siblings as we departed for the mall……is how it went down.

Lying in wait in front of my house since morning, this or that during the interval from my house till here, following us from behind, there are many problems, but that’s enough.

About Shizuku, she must be exercising thorough caution towards Kirasaka since morning.

Kirasaka too, ignoring conversations in a displeased manner……such a figure, I can easily imagine.




“Shizuku, are you ok with not buying clothes?……well, since I am not buying either, I cannot talk about other people”

Having spoken the truth, the tense atmosphere between Shizuku and Kirasaka dispelled as I hurled a question that I was slightly curious about at Shizuku.

“I am fine! I am well aware of the tastes, so I have prepared my clothes in advance!”

“……is that so?”

It is not that my question had that kind of meaning in particular……

With a face full of smiles, she said so. She must truly be aware of the kind of clothes the person in her heart likes.

Even I don’t know what Yuuto’s preferences are. Meeting up outside school is also not something we do much.

Shizuku’s opportunities to meet Yuuto must not be a lot more than mine. For her to have grasped that guy’s tastes, they must be properly talking at school too.

Well, knowing about Yuuto’s taste will do no one any good, so I will definitely not ask such a thing……

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  1. You seem to be using “return” in a lot of places where I feel a more suitable translation would be “go home”, such as in the line “All right, you guys return”. I checked the raw, and the word used there in the original language is 帰る, which usually holds the connotation of returning home. Without a destination mentioned, using the word “return” feels strange in English.

    Anyway, thanks for the chapter.

  2. You seem to be using “return” in a lot of places where I feel a more suitable translation would be “go home”, such as in the line “All right, you guys return”. I checked the raw, and the word used there in the original language is 帰る, which usually holds the connotation of returning home. Without a destination mentioned, using the word “return” feels strange in English.

    Anyway, thanks for the chapter.

  3. MC density increasing. In his defense, her asking MC for help with person she likes is bound to lead to thinking she ‘s interested in someone else.

    And what’s with the double posting?glitch?

    Vodka & Kahlua withmilk/cream/coffee or any combination of said mixers makes it all seem reasonable if taken in sufficient quantities

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